Anthonia Egbujiobi ‘Building Castles With Pebbles’ Book Launch

                     The Book

My message and clarion call: “A little can make a difference”- Flight Lieutenant Anthonia Egbujiobi.

Flight Lieutenant Anthonia Egbujiobi and husband, kids presenting the book to the public

Civil Military Expert, Conflict Mediator and Resolator, Flight Lieutenant Anothonia Egbujiobi launched a book titled ” Building Castles With Pebbles” on saturday at National Merit house, Abuja, the content dealt, and drawn from her experiences and testimonies on principles one can adopt to excel in life; ‘how a little can make a difference’.

The books in display.

She says during a press interview, “Writing of this book was born while I was away in ‘Congo Peace Making’ mission. However, I have been able to empower more than 300 Women in skill acquisitions and, I told myself that is not only money one can give to make a difference, one can give resources, time and excellence services. So, I thought it wise to put it down in paper for people to know. This is a sort of message I want to get across, to let people know that you can give something ;time, visit someone laying at the hospital bed, donate blood or give excellence service in your office to make a difference.

MC at his job presenting the Author
The Epic time of the book presentation

She went further to emphasize that the contents of the book dwells on about how to handle those little challenges in life and still make a difference, that you don’t need someone to give you money to excel, you can give excellence service by asking yourself some questions like “what can I give to attains state of excellence in life”?

“One don’t have to sit at home waiting for something to happen. You have to go out and give excellence services.  It is a message and my clarion call to everyone to start asking ourselves ‘what can I do, what are those little things I can do to make a little difference?’ If everyone is asking these questions, I think we will grow, the country will be a better place. Let the change begins with you, with me, that’s what this book is all about- how a little, can make a big difference”, she said.

The reception section with guests signing in.

Answering question about the state some has little or no money to start with from the National Enquirer, she replies, “When you are out of university, you don’t just have to sit at home, waiting for government jobs, you have to ask yourselves what can I do? There are lots of skill you can learn, a whole lot, but lots of time people feel that certain jobs are dehumaning, No. No job is dehumaning because one has to start from somewhere in a quest to attend excellence in life”

The Author, Egbujiobi gave instances like learning a skill which if you do, as times go you will grow on that.

She says, “You can learn a skill and if you are doing it to excellence, you will be singled out. That’s in the chapter two of the book, how doing that job excellently, will excel you”.

“Go and learn how to be a barber, hair making, dry cleaning etc, the skill, the styles you cultivate into it will single you out that in no lesser time you will be known. Go out there do selfless and free services, give out bonus, wash clothes for people free of charge, believe me, a time will come the person or persons will have conscience to say ‘let me give something to this person and, before you know it your name will be going round and you will be compensated either by giving you job or patronizing you”, she proffered.

Egbujiobi added, that lots of people in Nigeria today, are just simply impatient that they want to make it very fast. In her own words “Today. Today” But that they should know that, that much expected monies and jobs from banks or government might not be so forthcoming as they wish them to. So, that it is better they start something on their own, and by diligence and trust in God they will surely, excel.

Lending her voice on why this book belongs to ‘Must Read Categories’ for every Nigerians and students, Assistant Director, Special duties of National Orientation Agency, FCT directorate, Abuja, Mrs. Chinwe Nonyerem Ikaraoha has this to say, ” the content of this book is all about challenges one has to confront to attain state of excellence in this life. It talks about service, that you may have up and down but there’s a way up. ‘Building Castles With Pebbles’ talks about little things that make a difference and those big differences, and I will recommend this book for everyone especially the youth who these days want too cozy lives, but are not talking about the processes. I recommend this book for Nigerians, that when you are down, there’s a way up as far as you continue pushing forward. I recommend this book for all schools because, it is a book that will inject onto them the needed attitudinal changes. I recommend this book also to parents for them to know that, if you bring up your children with the standard of excellence, definitely, it will tell on them at the end of the day”.

Ikaraoha went further, “If I am the federal minister of education in this country, I will recommend this book for all schools because it will reflect at the end of the day, the standard of excellence we will have in this nation”, she said.

Mrs. Ikaraoha also stated that with knowledge and exercising of the principles listed and elaborated inside “Building Castles With Pebbles’ by the all concerned Nigerians, the country would be able to get rid of epidermal mediocrity existing in Nigeria today, and take position of its rightful place among community of nations.

The book launch was well attended. Dignitaries, representatives from agencies, families and friends of the young Author were not lacking in attendance at the event.

Pamela Ogwata reports.

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