ASCSN Holds Sentization Seminar on Labour Laws For Members

Seminar in session

The Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria (ASCSN) organised seminar yesterday in Abuja, for the members of the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development to enable them get better understanding 
Nigeria’s labour laws operatives.

Speakers at the seminar

“It was a very successful event, there were many questions, ideas and comments interchanged among. It is a Sentization seminar for the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development but with the permission from the Union headquarters. It is being organised yearly, to sentitze the members not only about the Labour Laws but for them to have better understanding of their rights, and, where they belong. It is also a way of boosting morale of the workers,” Comrade Opeoluwa Ayogboyin told National Enquirer.


The unit union acting Chairman, Ayogboyin said the seminar was aimed to raise legal awareness and promote greater understanding of the labour laws in the country among members about the laws that regulates the activities of Nigeria public service workers.

She added, “I am sure this would have helped some of us to understand better the Nigeria labour laws, and learnt more about our rights and obligations”.

Asked further to rate the performances of the out-going Chairman. She started by commending him for some of the good legacies he will be leaving behind,  and said, as far as she was concerned, the chairman did his best despite some crictism which she believed is usual for any public holder, as no matter what one does in life, cannot escape crictism from certain quarters.

“He pushed enough for the union. He did his best for the welfare of our members but you know in life you can never satisfy everybody, and is peculiar to any public holder. He is leaving some good noticeable legacies behind,”  she said.

She however, thanked and lauded the headquarters of the union for accepting their proposals to hold the seminar.

Meanwhile, Deputy Secretary General(ASCSN)
Comrade Joshua Apebo who chaired the event, seized the opportunity during press chat to express displeasure on not yet signed minimum wage bill sitting on the desk of Mr. President, Muhammadu Buhari,  he went ahead to make an appeal for him to assent to and enforce the new minimum wage Act before the upcoming Nigeria Worker’s day event being held yearly,  on 1st May.

Besides, with high point of optimism, Apebo stated that it will be signed before then, by Mr. President.

“I am very optimistic that he will sign the bill before then and if not, then we will know our next action but let us not preempt anything yet”, he said.

The member-participants  found the seminar interesting and useful as they had the opportunity to ask questions and share their views during the discussion session

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