Cattle Colony: Gov. Of Kogi Receives Serious Warning From Community Leader

Governor Yahaya Bello has been cautioned about his purported support for the establishment of cattle colonies as a panacea to the Fulani herdsmen onslaught.

Governor Yahaya Bello
A community leader in Kogi State, Prince Alhassan Ejike, has warned Governor Yahaya Bello not to venture into the establishment of cattle colonies in any part of the State.
Ejike stated this in an interactive session with newsmen in Lokoja on Thursday. Ejike was reacting to the governors insistence to key into the cattle colony proposal of the Federal Government as a solution to the repeated clashes between the Fulani Herdsmen and farmers.
He said Kogi State doesn’t belong to the governor adding that Governor Bello must thread softly to avoid any looming disaster that will follow such an open invitation to herdsmen.
“You are not the owner of Kogi and you cannot allocate a land that doesn’t belong to you to foreigners,” he noted.

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