Engr. A.A Sule

Concerned Igbo Leaders Forum (CILF) Nassarawa Chapter has announced its endorsement of APC governorship candidate, Engineer Abdullahi A. Sule ahead of 2019 Nassarawa state governorship election.

Speaking during the inauguration of the state and Local Government Areas (LGAs) leadership of the group on Friday in Karu, Founder of the forum, HRM Igwe Ochendo Ogidi-Igbo, Ezeigbo I of Ado Kingdom, said that Sule would provide the needed leadership, Nassarawa state citizens need now.

Concerned Igbo Leaders Forum, Nassarawa state Chapter

“Our mission today is to publicly endorse hopeful the incoming governor of Nassarawa state, Engr. A.A Sule,
We, Concerned Igbos from 13 local government areas of Nassarawa state, unequivocally endorses Engr. Sule as the best Governor Candidate to move this state toward a more promising future if elected the governor, so we solidly throwing our collective weights behind his election, ready to work for that, and whosever that refused to bid with this, we are now telling him or her, this is where Concerned Igbo Leaders Forum (CILF) Nassarawa Chapter is, after this our stickers and posters will flood everywhere as we start to officially campaign for him as we did during local government election for Karu local government Chairman, Samuel Akala. I used my money print stickers and posters and went from one meeting to another so we will do for Engr. A. A Sule” we have to go public on whom we are with and he is the one.
He added, “We cannot afford to run oppositional when we have a good candidate to support. Engr. A.A is the only visible candidate with the potential to lead this state. Let me tell you, supporting candidate is not only about canvassing and voting him, but also making sure that your protect the votes for him so he don’t get rigged off, we have to throw our heavy weight nor only support but work for him”, Ochendo said.

At his opening remark, President-General of the forum, Chief Samuel Heinz promised that the group would embark on mass mobilisation of the electorate towards the victory of the Candidate in 2019.

Chief Heinz, a financial member and Chieftancy of the party, Enugu State and Chief Executive Officer of New Nyanya Group of Companies, says, ” I have been an APC Chieftancy in my state, Enugu state. I have been sponsoring APC activities in my state. Engr. A. A Sule is my friend and I know what he can do. He has such a developed a pattern of leadership and strong character that will serve Nassarawa State well as Governor. Engr. A. A Sule is the only candidate who will bring valuable leadership, character to this state.

Our major aim now, is how to mobilise for his election so we can achieve our goals to make sure we vote, others vote and protect those votes. We are here to strategies how we can support a friend and are ready to put everything in place for him ,” said President-General Chief Samuel Heinz, President-General, Concerned Igbo Leaders Forum (CILF).

Also speaking, Mr. Gaskiya Auta, APC Chairman Karu local government council, expressed gratitude to the group for the show of support.

He assured them that if elected in 2019, Sule would not ignore them and would appreciate all their efforts.
“We all have seen the capabilities our governor- to -be have. We know he can pilot the affairs of this state and take us to the promised land. I am proud to be associated with Engr. A. A Sule, like His Royal Highness, Igwe Ockendo said, the most important thing after casting votes, is to protect the votes of your candidate, otherwise the Supervisor can submerge and broke electoral protocols to shortchange your candidate votes for his candidate. Engr. Sule is a seasoned and uncommon administrator, we have to rally around to deliver him. If you don’t work, you can’t eat.

Now, is the time to work and not when food is ready, your rushing to the part of what you didn’t participate to build”.

He also siezed the opportunity to appreciate, Igwe Ockendo for his previous efforts during Local government election for APC party. He said that he is happy that with him Igbos had started departing from ethnics politicising they have been used to, now politically getting involved with politics happening at Nassarawa state they are residing and doing business.

” All these is what we want you people to be doing. Not when people are working and voting, you didn’t help and when God gives them power, then you will come to seek help from them. It’s not going to work. You work before you eat. APC is work and eat.
However, I will take this message to our Chairman, Samuel surely, it will reach our incoming governor, thank you, once again. We, in for the same goal”, Auta said.

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