Bunmi Siyanbola : Director, Iconic Finance Top Executive Bows Out Of Service In Style Today

National Enquirer who was present at the going away party speaks to a group of the staff of the ministry gathered at a corner discussing about whom and what the celebrant means to each.

They say, “She will be a great loss to this administration. She helped us in difficult issues . She is a mother to us all. A boss who never tries to boss us rather she will extend hands of partnership with you. Any issue always got resolved at her table without unnecessary preambles. She’s somebody we can count on and depend on, and she will be irreplaceable. We hate to see her leave, because it will be a huge loss”.Dr. Mrs. Bunmi Siyanbola addressing attendants at the party

Dr. Bunmi Siyanbola is the outgoing Home Finance Director with Federal Ministry of Finance Headquarters, Abuja which her send off party were held on 28th February 2018.

The event boasts of who is who in financal sector including Top Executives of the ministry, Pastors, finance commissioners, Nigeria Labour Union delgates and of course the entire staff of the ministry.

Dr. Mrs. Siyanbola had her first Degree, Bsc. (Hons Economics) at the University of Ibadan and had her Masters in Public Administration at the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.

Dr. Siyanbola started her Public service career in 1985 as an Adminstrative Oficer at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, entered into  the Federal Public service as Chief Administrative Officer in 1999, was regularised as Assistant Director in the National Poverty EEradication Program (NAPEP) in year 2004, deployed to the Office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation (OHCSF) as Deputy Director, Strategy and Innovation Department in 2008.

She was able to advance significant new ethical attitudes by living up to her principles- that economies of corruption can be shunned through the principles o f moral obligation and personal  Contentment.

There are almost none who ever redefined accountability as she does. She maintained a very precinct standard, keeping to her known principles of discipline, character and integrity.

When advocates talk about the essence of religious belief and how it relates to economic of corruption and theories of morality, it seems they have Dr. Bunmi Siyanbola in mind.

‘I have never dipped my hands into the public funds. Even when i was given money to do certain things, as I didnt use much, I made sure I returned the rest. All my actions are guided by the principles impacted to me by my parents, my background and my church because I have always been a self- content person’,  she said.

A testimony to her refusal over a long financial career to sink ad hominem argument and dent her integrity. She is known for her complacent ways.

Dr. Siyanbola also worked with the Ministry of Defence as Deputy Director, Air Force Hardware as the Acting Director, at the Air Force Affairs Department in 2009 .

In 2011, Dr. Siyanbola was promoted to a full-fledged Director in the Federal Civil Service and deployed in 2012 as the substantive Director, Air Force Affairs Department, Ministry of Defence. In 2013, redeployed to the Federal Ministry of Special Duties and Inter-Government Affairs as Director, Inter-Governmental Affairs.

In September 2013, was redeployed to Budget Office of the Federation (BOF) as Director, Revenue.
From BOF to Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in as Director, Planning, Research and Statistics in 2016, the same year
redeployed to Federal Ministry of Finance, as Director, Home Finance where she worked to her retirement after 35 years of active service.

In December, 2018 confered Honourary Doctorate Degree (PHD) in Accounting and Finance (Honouris Causa) by the ESCAE-Benin University, Cotonou, Republic of Benin

Insight into her administrative styles can offer a powerful understanding of public service integrity and illuminate the template others can emulate to serve the nation effectively.

Siyanbola exhibits impeccable model of high moral judgements  both in private and public life. She is open to anyone and to any ideas irrespective from whom. She played active and remarkable roles in the civil service reforms in Nigeria.

Speaking about her, one of her staff says, “I recognize, respect, and appreciate all the valuable skills, knowledge, and all the positive qualities that our amiable boss had instilled onto us and to thank her for all her time and efforts in shaping our profession. Of course, we all know how painful it is, to say goodbye to a very friendly boss and mother to all. I am going to miss her and our morning devotion before the start of work everyday’

Series of testimonies from those who worked close to her, flooded everywhere each thanking her for uncommon contributions not only to the organization but toward every staff career progression that she took upon her time guiding and inspiring to grow.

“It seems like it was yesterday we started to work under her, she has given us so many opportunities to be thankful for. I see myself and my colleagues as lucky to have worked under her leadership. Words are not enough to express how much we are going to miss her.  If it had been possible for us to stop her retirement, or decrease her age and increase the number of years left to continue with what she knows how to do best—creating a peaceful workplace for the superiors and subordinates to work together in harmony—we would have done that for her. However, it is her turn today. Our own retirement period is also waiting around the corner when someone else will have to bid us goodbye just like we are doing for her today”, He said.

Dr. Mrs. Bunmi Siyanbola on her good will- farewell messages thanked all that took time and money to organise such epic fare-well party for her, and prayed that they will retire not in sickness and death as she is doing and advocates the keep the light aflame as she leaves to embark another path of her life.

Certainly, a big gulf has been created with her retirement. Mrs. Olubunmi Olasunbo Siyanbola, is a shining and amazing Director, Financial expert and iconic finance mogul and would fondly remembered because of her memorable services, teaching others how to work beaming  moral light for others to follow, Jesus-like humility and large heart. She left a big shoe behind no foot can ever fill.

Pamela Ogwata reporting.

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