Cyber Security- There is an increasing demand for Computer Forensic Investigators- IGP

…Forensic Scientific Investigation has come to replace Old analogue system – Amb. M. O Morgan

Inspector General of Nigeria Police Force, Alh. Mohammed Adamu made this remark at the International Summit For Forensic Practitioners General Assembly 2019 Induction and Award Ceremony held by Security And Forensic Studies Nigeria (SFSN) on monday in Abuja, he says,  “Criminal activities happening in the internet like identity theft, cyber-terrorism, phishing, business email hacking are becoming increasingly threatening to Nigeria internet security, therefore there is an increasing demand for Computer Forensic Investigators in line with the modern law enforcement security”.

Some award recipients receiving the award.

Inspector General of Nigeria Police duly represented by C.P Garuba Umar( Interpol) went further to emphasis during his lecture presentation that demand for Computer Forensic Investigators to work with the changing technologies and, believed that those gradients and inductees have learnt the most recent version of investigation processes involve with the crime detections and recommended for its study.

Awardees taking oath and allegiance

“The study of Cyber Security is very powerful. it is dynamic and trendy, go for that”

He promised the institute that the Nigeria Police Force is ready to work and give  opportunity for database query if need be.

Students on debate competition.

The theme of this year ceremony is titled “Importance of Cyber Security Forensic Studies to National
Development”, the Director-General of the Institute, Amb. O.M Morgan in a press interview said that the old analogue system of crime investigation has been since replaced with digital, scientific forensic as crime advances and, that’s why government is clinging to it as old system is not working that it will be naive to use orthodox, analogue system to investigate advanced and digital era crimes.

“The analogue old system of investigating crime is going out, forensic scientific system is coming up because it is going to give an apple advanced results, quick and saves time. You cannot carry out investigation without forensic knowledge. It naive and orthodox to use old system and it’s not working, that’s why government security bodies are clinging to it and establishing forensic departments”, he said.

To the newly inducted members, he told them to go out and use what they have learnt in tackling the menace criminality in the nation and world as they have been adequately equipped.

” You can now go there as you have been equipped, prepared to face all challenges in tackling the menace criminality in Nigeria and the International communities.
With the knowledge acquired, participants/inductees stand to have professional knowledge to set up respective offices and agencies and to develop forensic departments in their offices,” DG said.

Speaking to one of the inducted fellow and ambassadoriall awardee of the institution, Dr. Hon. David Etuk, on how the knowledge of forensic investigation can help in curbing corruption within Nigeria government.

He says, “I was admitted into the Security and Forensic Studies Nigeria(SFSN), the difference here is that you have to attend the programs, study and take exams to go to the next level. And I am very grateful.
However, Nigeria like other developing countries is right now going into a phase, besides, Government fighting corruption depends on commitment they have towards that. War on corruption has to start with leadership, they have to show commitment energy to fight corruption and be taken serious.

And if they are really, serious to fight cybercrimes,they need to carry along graduates of this school. It is well organised institution. It was when I got admitted and got closer to this institution that I came to appreciate their commitment to details and I am seeing them as the foremost proper establishment in the knowledge of crime investigation in this country”, he stated.

The Cultural dancing and debates competitions where conducted for students from various secondary schools in FCT present .
At the end, two students from schools that won the best in cultural display, debates etc were awarded automatic scholarships by the Institute councils.
Junior Secondary School, Wuse, Junior Secondary School, Kubwa, Junior Secondary School, Garki 10, etc are among those in attendance at the conference.

These awards are given to deserved distinguished graduands and personalities.
Ambassadorial awards, Senior Fellowship awards, Fellowship by Honorary awards, Fellowship awards, Meritorious award.
The oath of office and allegiance were taken by all the awardees.

Some dignitaries in attendance are-:
Rev. Istifanus J. Philip( Sec. PFN)
Dr. S.A Balogun (DCC Manpower) representing Corps Marshal.
A.U Uche Ifeanyi (ACP)
C.P Garuba Umar( Interpol)
Oguejiofor Emma, representing CG prisons,
Solomon Iheke representing Trust Link, J. B Samgbaza representing Sect. Comm. FRSC FCT, Abuja., I. B Akpan representing Comm. NDC, His Royal Highness Olusegun Aderemi of Ekiti state, Hon. David Etuk- Special Adviser to Akwa Ibom State Governor, Ibrahim Issa, Superintendent of Police, Omaka Udodemma- Superintendent of Police representing DPO Garki, One Charles- Group Captain(Rtd), Amb. Dr. Josafa Jin of UNCN Commission, Rev. Alloy Oguejiofor, Financial Adviser Anioma District Assembles of God, Nigeria etc.

At the end all awardees and inductees were made to take an oath and allegiance of office.

Pamela Ogwata reports.

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