Do It Yourself Beauty Tips


After 2-3 mascara dried up and it is also fungus infected and unhealthy use. You can give life to your mascara by simply adding alcohol to it.



Apply deodorant on razor bumps for getting rid of razor bumps on bikini area and use band-aid to hide your bra strap


12 Bizarre Beauty Hacks That Are So Crazy They Actually Work


These beauty hacks will make you go crazy as they are very simple and fascinating. From eye makeup tricks to teeth, from hair to shave all of them are incredible. These bizarre beauty hacks are very easy to use and apply.  They usually save your time from your daily beauty routine and also keep you away from any ambiguity.

Take a look at these handy tips and tricks and pat yourself on the back for creating more time in your day for you!


Line and curl your brows at the same time to achieve a flawless eye look



Conditioner has hair softening properties which helps in easy shave.






















9 Hacks To Get The Perfect Half-Up High Ponytail Hairstyle

Every single woman love high ponytails and we are bored with that same style of ponytail doing daily which also sat down in few hours .here are various high ponytail styles that can be done quickly and are easy as well and will stay the same with time these ponytails styles are anti sagging and would provide you fresh and elegant look.

1. A clean part will make the whole look more polished and ~fancy~:


for this beautiful ultra chic half up ponytail first comb up your hair and then take a small section from above part of your hair and take it at back of your head and secure it with a clear elastic band and then take strand of your hair from the back and wrap it up around the ponytail to hide the elastic. To hold your ponytail use some hairspray at the end.


2. If you’re going for a more effortless feel, you can instead use a brush to pull the pony to the very top of your head and then tease it so it becomes big and messy:


Every girl loves cute cascading top pony and it can be attained just in few steps. You can use an iron curler to curl up your ponytail a little bit. Take an upper section of your hair that is hair at the top of your head then curl that portion using an iron curler and turn it into a small ponytail and then use a comb to mess it up a little bit. After this use bobby pins, and position your ponytail in the forward direction, to pin it up. After doing this comb your hair backward and use some hairspray on the ponytail to add some stiffness to it.

3. Hide the elastic band by wrapping a small piece of hair around it and securing with a bobby pin:

Half up ponytail is just as easy as any other half ponytail you just have to take an upper half portion of your hair at the back of your head and using a comb mess it up a little bit and secure it using a clear elastic band. Now pull out a strand from your ponytail and wrap it up around your ponytail making sure that it covers up the elastic band properly.

4. Curl your hair into tight spirals before you gather half into a ponytail for a super flirty look:


This ponytail can provide you a very fresh look as well as flirty one too. for this ponytail first, you have to curl up your hair using a curling iron after curling process takes upper half of your hair and turn it into a ponytail but do not tie it at the center top your hair, tie it a little bit aside instead.


5. Adding something as simple as a bow or an embellished pin can completely change up how your hair looks.

For higher and fuller ponytail you can also use bobby pins and to add some cuteness to it, use a bow. Take upper half of your hair and secure it on using a clear elastic band and then use bobby pins to add a bow in it. Take the bobby pin through the bow and then through your hair vertically.


6. Going for Ariana Grande’s classic ‘do? Leave a chunk of the front of your hair out of the ponytail and pin it behind your ear. Voila!


For this amazing Ariana style ponytail, you have to leave a chunk of the front of your hair out of the ponytail and pin it behind your ear. After pining it up to take the upper half portion of your hair and turn it into a ponytail and secure it using clear elastic band and take a strand from your ponytail and wrap it up to hide the elastic band.

7. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can always throw in a French braid, too!

if you are in the mood of elegant look then you can give yourself an upper half French braid look. Just take upper half portion of your hair and do the French braid and tie it on the top back of your head and use strand to wrap up the elastic band.


8. Ponytail looking a bit dull and saggy? All you have to do is throw a small claw clip into the center of the ‘tail and you’ll have instant volume!


If you too hate sagging ponytail then you can use claw clip into your ponytail have instant volume? Just make a ponytail and use claw clip just below the elastic and use a comb to mess it up a little bit and then remove the claw clip, in this way you can add some instant volume to your hair.

9. A great trick to make even the heaviest of ponytails perky and adorbs is to secure the base with two bobby pins to help it maintain its shape throughout the day.

To make your ponytail more voluminous and high you must use bobby pins to hold the position of the ponytail. Just make a plain and high ponytail and take the bobby pins through it vertically that will hold the position of the ponytail for the whole time.


What Causes Dark Underarms and How to Lighten Naturally


Underarms darkening are very common problem and due to which most of us avoid wearing sleeveless or short sleeve outfits. We have to control our hand movements to hide our dark underarms in public as it makes you feel embarrassed. Underarms darkening are characterized by the discoloration of your skin in underarms.

Hair removal creams, shaving, sweating, alcohol based hair removal products, deodorants, poor ventilation in the underarm region and gathering of dead cells are the main causes of dark underarms. Here in this article we present you some natural remedies which are very effective in treating dark underarms and soon you’ll definitely wear your sleeveless outfits without any embarrassment. These home remedies are very effective in lighten the dark armpits.

DIY Remedies to Alleviate Dark Underarms

Lemon & Sugar Scrub

To prepare this scrub you need to add lemon juice and sugar together. Apply this mixture on your underarm area and rub it gently for few minutes in circular motion and let the mixture stay for 5-10 minutes. Repeat the process for atleast 1 week.

Lemon Bleach

To use lemon as bleach you need to cut a thick slice of lemon and the add coconut oil on top and rub it o the affected areas before taking shower.

Rose Water and Sandalwood Mask

To prepare this mask you need to add 2 tablespoons each of rosewater and sandalwood powder and some water together to form a thick paste.

Apply this mask and let it stay there until it gets dry and then rinse it off with cold water. Repeat the process thrice a week.

Juices & Honey

To prepare this effective remedy you need to add honey, cucumber juice, lime juice, and turmeric powder together. Apply this mixture on the affected area and after 15 minutes wash it off. Repeat the procedure regularly for up to 6 months for effective results.

Baking Soda Scrub

To prepare this paste you to need to mix baking soda and water and apply this paste on your underarm area and rub it gently in circular motion and then rinse it


How to Grow Thicker and Attractive Eyebrows


We all want thick and perfectly shaped eyebrows but unfortunately not all of us have naturally thick eyebrows and most of us accidently loss the natural thickness of the eyebrows. Our mistakes result in light and not so good shape of eyebrows, which could be treated by many methods but if you want to treat it naturally and permanently you should seek natural remedies. Here are some of the remedies that might help you out.

Method 1: Castor Oil

Castor oil is one of the most inexpensive methods to regain or generate a healthy growth of our damaged eyebrows. Damaged eyebrows are the result of over plucking and waxing as it slows down the hair growth. As a remedy castor oil stimulates the growth of the hair by penetrating deep down into the skin and contains all the sufficient fatty acids that promote hair growth.

Single-Step Treatment: Apply castor oil on your eyebrows

  • Pour some castor oil into a small bowl and use your finger tips to apply the oil into the eyebrows.
  • Massage the eyebrows using your fingers for several minutes so that the formula could reach deep down and work more efficiently.
  • Let the oil stay for several hours and then if necessary you may wipe it off using paper towel.
  • If applied once or twice a day the results would be visible after 4-5 weeks.

Method 2: Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has been pure life savior since ancient times as it not only prevent hair fall but also help in regaining the health of hair back. Coconut oil contains several acids like lauric acid which prevent further damage of the hair and provide all the essential nutrients which stimulate hair growth.

Single-Step Treatment: Apply coconut oil on your eyebrows

  • Pour some coconut oil into a small bowl and then dip your finger in it and apply the oil into your eyebrows, do not rub the eyebrows harshly as it could pluck off the hair.
  • Massage gently and slowly so that the oil could reach deeper and specially apply coconut oil where you have mistakenly plucked the hair.
  • Let the oil stay overnight or at least 30 minutes and if necessary wipe off the oil otherwise let it stay if you want it to.
  • The result would be much visible around 6th week.

Method 3: Olive Oil

If you are going through severe damage o the hair of your eyebrows then nothing will help better than olive oil. Olive oil is easily available in any kitchen or nearby store and contains all vitamins like vitamin A and E which nourishes your hair and promotes fast hair growth.

Single-Step Treatment: Apply olive oil on your eyebrows

  • Pour some olive oil in a small bowl and use your fingers to massage the oil into your eyebrows, apply the oil in sufficient amount and it should be applied more than it is needed as it could spread all over your face.
  • After applying use massage the oil proper lie into your eyebrows for several minutes.
  • It would work much better is you let it stay overnight and for this you will have to apply olive oil before going to bed.
  • Use this method for several weeks for healthy growth of hair; you can notice the change around the 6th week.

Photo credit: fabhow


4 Home Remedies For Oily Skin

Oily skin is due to the overproduction of sebum from the sebaceous gland, it is important to protect our skin from many skin problems and slows down the ageing process but some people have excess secretion of oil from the skin which causes breakouts and blemishes which are not healthy for our skin. Here are some natural remedies that could help you in getting soft, clear and oil free skin.

Wash Your Face

If you are one of them who have oil skin and tired of that sticky feeling on your face then one of the easiest ways to get rid of it for sometime is to wash your face. Wash your face twice a day that is in the morning and at night before going to bed. If you are using a face wash then make sure that it should not be harsh on your skin and it will be beneficial for your oily skin if the face wash contains salicylic acid.

Use Blotting Papers

blotting paper are life saver for those who have oily skin as they absorb the excess oil present on the skin .use on the most specific areas like forehead and nose ‘lightly run blotting paper on your skin to remove oil but do not do the harsh rubbing as it can result in breakouts and it is advised to use blotting paper when you are unable to wash your face.

Use Honey

Massaging honey on your face will not only removes excess oil but helps in retaining the moisture of your skin. If you are suffering from acne and blemishes due to oil skin then you must use honey as a face mask as its anti bacterial qualities kills the acne causing bacteria. Take sufficient amount of honey and massage it for 5 minutes on your face and then let the mask stay for 20 minutes and then wash it off with warm water and then cold water to close the pores.

Oatmeal and Honey Mask

Oatmeal and honey mask act as a skin exfoliates and removes all the dead skin cells as well as removes all the excess oil from your skin giving you soft, supple and natural glow. for preparing the face mask take 1/2 cup of oatmeal and add sufficient amount of honey to it and hot water to form the paste and apply it on your face and leave it for 15 minutes and wash it off using lukewarm water and pat dry with towel and you may apply oil free moisturizer on your face after this.


6 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Blackheads and Whiteheads Fast


Clear, beautiful and smooth skin is wanted by everyone but to keep it healthy and beautiful you have to take care of your face daily and nothing will be better than natural remedies to remove skin flaws like black heads and white heads. Here are some natural remedies that would be helpful in getting rid of those problems as well as will provide all the sufficient amount of nourishment to your skin.

Lemon +honey+ sugar

  • For this remedy take a lemon and cut it into two half pieces and use half of it for the method.
  • Now pour some honey on the lemon and sprinkle some sugar on it.
  • Take this lemon piece and massage it on your affected skin for several minutes and then wash it off after few minutes.
  • This method should only be used once week.


Vaseline +plastic wrap

  • This remedy should be done after shower when the skin becomes smooth and soft and also the heat of the water will open the pores of your skin.
  • First of all apply Vaseline on the affected area and then wrap it up using a plastic wrap.
  • Now take a damp hot towel and put it on the plastic wrapped area and let it stay until the towel becomes cool and then remove both the towel and the plastic wrap.
  • Remove the Vaseline from the affected area and squeeze the skin gently to push out the black head and white heads. And then use cotton swab to apply lotion over your skin.
  • This particular method should be used once or twice a month.

Coconut oil +essential oil

  • First of all you will need to warm the coconut oil for few seconds. You can warm it up in microwave for about 5-10 seconds.
  • Now add few drops of lemon, lavender and tea tree oils and blend it well until you receive a smooth liquid mixture.
  • Now soak cotton ball in it and let it seep all some of the mixture and then apply it on your face.
  • This method should be done twice a day that is in morning and in evening before going to sleep and wash it off the next morning ,
  • This mixture can be kept for few days so you may store it in jar or a container.

Cinnamon +oat flour

  • To prepare this face mask you will need 1 tspn of oat flour, 1 table spoon of cinnamon and few tablespoons of warm water.
  • Now mix these ingredients well until you receive a thick paste.
  • When you have mixed all the ingredients well use your finger to apply this paste on your face and scrub gently for about 1 minute.
  • after the scrubbing now you may wash your face with cold water and pat dry your face using towel
  • This method should be used only twice a month.

Activated charcoal +green clay

  • For this face mask you will need activated charcoal powder, 1 tspn of green clay and 1/2 table spoon of warm water together.
  • Now mix these ingredients a well and make sure that this paste is lumps free and blend it until you get a smooth texture of this paste.
  • After the blending process now you may apply the paste on your face using a brush or sponge.
  • After application let the paste stay on your face for several minutes or until it is dried completely and then rinse it off using cold water. For better results you must apply this mixture once or twice a week.



4-Minutes-A-Day Exercises Yield Results In Less Than A Month


we all desire to have fit body and good health to live our life to the fullest extent  and to achieve the desired shape of our body we seek gym and exercises that could lead us to our goal. One of those exercises is plank which is considered as the best exercise for core conditioning and increases the endurance of the body. Plank is a slow working exercise as it burns calories slowly and you have to do it on regular basis to increase the strength and endurance of your body. But when done properly and as according to the prescribed method you will be surprised to know that it may work slowly but it works effectively. Some of us face problems in reducing weight even after including plank in their regular physical exercise because most of the time we attain a much different posture than it should be while doing plank. if you want tangible effect of plank than you have to continue this exercise for atleast 4 weeks , only then you can get to the conclusion that if this exercise is giving your body the desired shape or not . Do not go for the top time limit at the beginning as it could harm to your body. You better increase the time gradually as then your body will become habitual of this exercise. For this you should follow as the exercise is mentioned below:

Day 1 — start your exercise with minimum 20 seconds

Day 2 — Continue with 20 seconds.

Day 3 — now it’s time to Increase it to 30 seconds.

Day 4 — Continue with 30 seconds.

Day 5 — Increase to 40 seconds

Day 6 — Relax. there should be gap between your exercise to give rest to your body.

Day 7 — Increase to 45 seconds.

Day 8 — Continue with 45 seconds.

Day 9 — Increase to 60 seconds.

Day 10 — Continue with 60 seconds.

Day 11 — Continue with 60 seconds.

Day 12 — Increase to 90 seconds.

Day 13 — Relax. Relaxation is also important in keeping your body healthy and fit.

Day 14 — Continue with 90 seconds.

Day 15 — Continue with 90 seconds.

Day 16 — Increase to 120 seconds.

Day 17 — Continue with 120 seconds.

Day 18 — again increase to 150 seconds.

Day 19 — Relax.

Day 20 — Continue with 150 seconds.

Day 21 — Continue with 150 seconds.

Day 22 — Increase to 180 seconds.

Day 23 — Continue with 180 seconds.

Day 24 — Increase to 210 seconds.

Day 25 — Relax.

Day 26 — Continue with 210 seconds.

Day 27 — Increase to 240 seconds.

Day 28 — Do as per your improved stamina.


  • As the beginning position, you will have to get on all your fours and attain a modified push-up position and bend your elbows to 90 degree. Keep your arms in rest and flat on the floor.
  • Position your elbows just under your body and you can look towards the floor or to the wall and make sure that you are keeping your spine straight.
  • Your feet should be together and toes should touch the floor. Keep your inhaling and exhaling balanced.
  • At first, keep it only to 20 seconds and then gradually increase the time as mentioned above.


6 Best Exercises To Get The Butt Of Your Dreams

If you want the perfect butt like you have always desired then you have to work hard as much as it requires. Some of the exercises which are essential in butt workout are explained briefly and will surely work if you do the steps cautiously and perform the exercises at least two to three times a week.

The moves:


  • Attain the plank position and put the Swiss ball beneath your hips and keep the feet above from the ground.
  • Keep the legs straight and inn v -shape, raise your legs towards the ceiling by putting slight pressure on the butts and hamstrings.
  • Bring the legs in the original position to complete one rep.
  • Perform 20 reps of this exercise as you have scheduled.




  • In frog leg lift be on your hands and then put the Swiss ball beneath your hips and keep feet above from the ground.
  • Then bend your knees and join your toes, it will make the knees and toes to point outwards on different sides.
  • Raise your heels straight and then return to the previous position to complete one rep.
  • Perform 20 reps of this exercise as you have scheduled.


  • For this exercise you will have to attain the plank’s position but the elbows of yours should be on Swiss ball.
  • Now raise one of your legs and bring it above your hips and back again towards the floor but do not let the feet touch the floor.
  • To complete one rep. bring the legs on the original position and put the feet on the floor.
  • do 10 reps with one leg and then change the leg and again do 10 reps.


  • First of stand straight and put Swiss ball just behind you, so that you won’t face problem in maintaining the balance.
  • Then lift one of your legs and put it on Swiss ball and move your hips backward to roll the ball back and straighten up your legs to bring it back close to you.
  • To complete one rep move the ball back and again close to you and stand straight.
  • perform 10 reps and then change the leg and again do 10 reps.


  • Lay down on your back and put both your arms flat on the floor and put the soles of your feet on the Swiss ball and put enough pressure on it so that it will slide away.
  • Now lift your hips upward until it forms a line between the shoulder and the knees, this will need the work of your glutes and shoulders.
  • After lifting the hips up, now bring it back to the original position but pressure on the ball.
  • Perform 20 reps of this exercise.


  • As a starting position lie down on your back and put both of your hands on flat on the floor and then bent your knees.
  • Now put the soles of your feet on the Swiss ball and press the ball making the glutes of yours move upward your hips until you make a straight line between the knees and shoulders.
  • Now use your legs and put enough strength to move the ball to -and-fro from your butt.
  • do the 20 rep of this particular exercise .


6 Effective Exercises to Get Rid of Folds on Your Back and Sides


The layers of skin on the back and side and around your waist and these are known as the hardest part of losing weight and it makes it difficult to shape up the body but some us want to get rid of the folds without any heavy workout and it seems impossible until you go through these exercise which are explained briefly and will surely help you out.

Forward bends

  • Stand in a relaxing position and in a perfect posture and your feet should be wide apart.
  • Now lean in forward direction and for this bend your knees and then reach for the ground floor.
  • Do 2-3 sets of this exercise and perform 10-15 reps in each set.

Side bends

  • As a beginning of this exercise stand in a relaxing position but the posture of the body should be perfect.
  • Your shoulders should be wide apart, raise one hand and put it on the back of your head.
  • Take weight in other hand and lower it down by bending your body sideways.
  • Perform 3 sets of this exercise and do 15-20 reps of this exercise.


  • At the beginning of the exercise, attain the plank position but there is one difference you have to keep your hands straight.
  • After straightening your arms lower down your body by bending your arms at the level of the elbows.
  • And then lift up your body and return to the original position.
  • Perform 2-3 sets of it and 20-30 reps of it.


Bow pose

  • As a starting position lie down on your stomach and then raise your hands in forward direction.
  • Now slightly bend your back and reach for the ankles.
  • For holding ankles you have to lift up your legs too, lift your head and inhale deeply.
  • Keep yourself in this position for few seconds, now exhale and return in the original position.


  • For this exercise you have to lie down on your stomach and then place both of your arms and legs on the floor.
  • Now slighlty bend your back and then rise both of your hands and legs above from the ground and then stay in this position for few seconds.
  • Now slowly bring your hands and legs on the floor like it was in the original position.
  • Perform 3 sets and 15-20 reps of this exercise for better results.

Upper back lifts on stability ball

  • Start position-lie down on your stomach but not on the floor.
  • Put the Swiss ball beneath your belly and put your feet on the floor and there should be distance between both feet.
  • Then place your hands behind your head and keep your neck straight and raise your shoulders.
  • Do 12-15 reps of this exercise.



Fitness Fan-‘Attic’ Workouts His Abs Hanging 10000 Feet Above On A Brazilian Ciff


We all love fitness and want to keep our body fit and healthy and for that we seek gym and off course gym are a better option than doing crunches on a cliff. Some of us are so obsessed with fitness that sometimes they cross the limits of being insane and one of them is this man who is hanging from a cliff and may fall off it any time but this does not stop him from being a fitness freak.

  • This person who is known as Luis Fernando Candela is the one who goes for the extreme when it comes to fitness and adventure. He is from Rio De Janerio and the person behind all these perfect pictures is his girlfriend.

  • His one of the most famous stunt was performed on the beach of Pedra Do Telegrapho, Brazil at the national park Pedra Branca National Park.

  • He gives all the credit to his hard work and positive thinking that helped him out to hold the cliff for the perfect shot . Workout strengthens muscles and boosts your endurance and that helped him out to tackle all the problems.

  • The adventurous things which are done by Luis are not something which is possible for everyone. He practiced all of his stunts for years and years to attain perfection in it and to reach his wild goals.

  • It is a natural thing to be scared about losing the loved ones but this life is for living not surviving, so live it to the fullest and keep doing the things you love and you have got only one life.


5 Exercises To Tone Your Abs Right At Home Without Doing Sit-Ups Or Crunches

It is not everyone’s cup of tea to do crunches or sit-ups and for beginners this is the hardest part to do as it mostly results in hurt back and neck pain. It is better for some of us to exclude crunches and sit-ups in their exercise and add some of the easy exercises that can burn calories as well. Here are some of those exercises explained briefly that a beginner can do for a good start.



If you are a beginner and do not want to do those heavy exercise in the start then plank is the most suitable exercise for you .place your palms flat on the floor and hands should be kept straight and place your feet on to your toes and make sure that your shoulder and hips line should be straight and hold this position as long as you can.

The dead bug

This exercise is beneficial in easing down the cramps that occur due to exercising .in this exercise you have to lie down on your back and extend your hands towards the ceiling and in front of you (keep your hands straight). Now lift both of your knees to an angle of 90 degree and exhale out. Now straighten one of your legs just above the ground and then again return to the beginning position slowly.

Alternate arm and leg raise

Start this exercise after being on all your fours and keep yourself balanced. Now slowly move your left hand towards the wall and extended your right leg towards the wall and do the required sets. Make sure that you are using alternate hands and legs. Now bring the extended hand and leg to the starting position and do this exercise with other hand and leg.


As a starting position lie on your back and extend your legs in front of you, after extending feet but both of your hands under your body and flat on the floor. Now put some strain on your abs and do upward and downward movement of your legs in slow pace. While doing this exercise make sure that your feet do not touch the floor.

Mountain climbers

For this exercise you will have to attain a plank’s position and your hands should be straight and palms should be flat on the ground. Now pull on of your legs towards the chest and then bring it back to the starting position while moving the other leg towards the chest. If you are a beginner then you must do it slowly and gradually increase the speed.



The Correct Way To Apply Red Lipstick

Most of the time when you are not clear about the color of the lipstick you want to wear then we know what to wear when we are confused “red lipstick “. Red lipsticks are the most sensual one from all the shades. it has been the most common color but still bring out the most beautiful feature of your face more efficiently as compared to other shades but we should know the appropriate method of application of lipstick that would make your lips look much beautiful and scrumptious.

Things You Will Need For First Method

  • Lip brush (thin)
  • Translucent powder
  • Concealer
  • Makeup brush


1. For scrumptious lips you will surely need the above described things. First of all apply concealer on your lips for smooth application of the lipstick.

2. After this use the lip pencil to mark a “X” just below the philtrum of the lips and then fill the rest of the lips using the same pencil.

3. Now use blotting paper and cover your lips with that and apply translucent powder on your lips using the makeup brush.

4. When you are done with the application of translucent powder then apply lipstick with thin brush and at last apply shadow under your lips carefully.

Second Method 

Things You Will Need For Second Method

  • Red lip pencil
  • Berry lip pencil
  • Clear gloss

1. For the 2nd method start the process with using the red lip pencil to outline the lips except the outer corners of the lips and then fill the rest of the space except the corners with the same lip pencil.

2. After this use berry lips to fill the corners of the lips and make sure that you are not smudging it.

3. When you have applied the berry pencil now it’s time to apply the gloss for the shine and you are done for the day.


4 Game-Changing Eyeliner Tutorials

Applying perfectly winged and well defining eyeliner is not everyone’s cup of tea, it is considered as an art as eyeliner enhances your eyes and when the method of application is not appropriate then it has the ability to ruin the look of the most beautiful feature of your face. Here are some easy – breezy steps of eyeliner application that might help you out and you can prevent your eyeliner to ruin your whole look.

Winged Eyeliner

While applying eyeliner things sometimes things get a little bit messy due to the inappropriate method of applying method. For perfect winged eyeliner one must start is from the arch of the eyeliner. Make an arch at the end corner of the eyes and then draw the line as according to the shape of your eyes but it should be a little bit above from the lash line and connect it at the inner corner of the eye and then fill the rest of the space and then use a thin brush it make it more bold and thick.

Eye shadow Eyeliner

In this method of applying eyeliner you can use the eyeliner as a shadow. For this you will have to use creamy, black eyeliner and cover the upper lash line and then outline the bottom lash line and the eyelids in such a way that it can give you a Smokey look. First of all outline the lash line and eyelids to give it a perfect shape and then fill the rest of the space using the creamy eyeliner and use a brush to apply the eye shadow of the same color and you can add some glitter if you want to.

Cat Eye

For the cat eye you will have to use eyeliner more carefully and it would become easier for you if you use the liquid pen eyeliner. First of all you have to draw two parallel small lines at the inner and outer corner of the eye. Now draw another line from the outer corner and mimic the shape, it’s time to thicken the eyeliner a little bit and waterline your eyes to add some sexiness to it.

Tight lining The Eyes

In tight lining of the eyes you will have to apply creamy eyeliner at the inner part of the upper lash line to create a much fuller effect and then go for the bottom lash line. It is considered as the best method to enhance Smokey eyes and it makes your eyes look much defined and you can see the difference in the size of your eyes.


4 Easy Ways to Speed up Your Metabolism in the Morning


Our body is in the most freshen up state in the morning and things like light exercises in the morning tend to have much more beneficial for our body. Here are the description of some activities that must be done only in the morning as only then we will be able to have a better metabolism and a healthy body.

1. Drink warm water with lemon juice

Drinking warm water with lemon juice helps in improving digestion and used for detoxification of the body .it also enhances the metabolism and cleanses all the toxins from the body. If you want healthier drinks for the morning add a teaspoon of honey.

2. Lift weights for 10 minutes

Early morning lifting weight sure the best ways to start your day as it enhances your metabolism and burns the excess calories more rapidly than ever and improve your physical and mental energy. Morning exercises are beneficial for improving focus and mental abilities.

3. Say yes to eggs in the morning

There are several reasons that can declare egg as a healthy thing to eat in the morning. Eggs are the most inexpensive source of energy as they are high in protein and contain vitamin B2 which is beneficial in lowering down the cholesterol and fat level. Eating them in morning can be beneficial in keeping your belly full for longer period of time which contributes weight loss.

4. Apples and pears

eating fruits like apples and pears will not only fill your stomach but also will help you out in dropping pounds, they are the most important part of your healthy and less calorie containing diet plan. When you eat fruits in the morning you consume less calories as well as you will receive more energy than any other type of breakfast. Eating a heavy breakfast is not a very good idea as it may contribute in increasing your cholesterol.


10 Fitness Myths You Need to Stop Believing


For maintaining our fitness we follow some of the rules which are well known and without being aware of the fact that some of them are proven to be wrong and have adverse effect on our body. Here are some myths and the truth behind it explained below that everyone should know.

  • Muscles become sore when we do an activity which is new to your body and cringes you down when someone touches your muscles some people have spread a myth about it that when your muscles become sore then your workout is effective. There is nothing like this. The truth is that the soreness of muscles has micro traumatic effect on the muscle fibers.

  • Stretching without any doubt help you out in decreasing the risk of injuries and only enables the muscles to work effectively and there is nothing to do with the soreness of muscles, if you want to treat your sore muscles then you better massage it and keep moving that particular portion of the body.

  • Some people may advice you that one should work out for hours to get rid of fat and excess weight more rapidly but the truth is far away than this according to experts there are some specific exercises that might help you in reducing excess weight and fat but the number hours does not get counted in this .

  • We all want to slim our fat belly down and want to lose weight but that does not mean you have to work out daily as it could get injurious for your body muscles. It is important to take rest in between your workout schedule.

  • Power exercises are good for both men and women it helps in strengthening muscles and cutting off the excess fat down. some of us think that power muscles are not good for reducing belly fat but the truth is power exercises not only reduces belly fat but it works on side fat too and gives you perfect shaped and slim belly .

  • When you are to lose weight the only thing that matters it your diet the more you eat green leafy vegetables the more will lose weight. Even when you are on heavy workout schedule do not think that you can eat anything, you should pay more attention.

  • Neoprene is a family of synthetic fiber which maintains stability and flexibility but it has nothing to do with your calories and fat. Neoprene is made up of several compounds that can promote ozone action and it has some harmful affect on body.

  • Everyone has different body which can vary in shape, size and strength and workout should schedule should be based individually and not in groups as then it can have adverse effects on the body and you won’t be able to achieve the desired body.

  • Whenever we want to know how much we weigh than we go for weighing machine but the thing is weighing machine reveals the weight which includes the weight of our bone whereas measuring tapes are more accurate.

  • When we workout for losing weight, we think that we lose weight on some specific area but the truth is when we workout most of the time it help us out to cut off fat from the unexpected parts of the body.


5 Effective Exercises To Get Rid Of Armpit Fat!

The excess fat on the area below the shoulder and in the armpit area is because of wearing improper size of the bra. These areas most of the time go noticed but when it comes to wearing some specific clothes then armpit fat creates problem and ruin our look for the day. If you are one of those people who are dealing with armpit fat problem then these exercise might help you in reducing fat around that particular area.


Armpit Fat Causes

There are several reasons due to which armpit fat is generated and one of the reasons is wearing improper size of bra that push out the skin out if the bra and armpit is hard to reduce due the spot of on which the fat is generated because most of the workouts focus on stomach and chest area.

Exercise #1: Lying Chest Fly

  • For this exercise lie on your back and bend your knees to 90 degree angle and it should be above from your hips.
  • Now hold small weights and move your hands towards the ceiling holding the weight.
  • Now raise your hands in upward direction and keep your elbows slightly bent while performing this exercise.
  • This exercise will tone up your arms and improves your body posture too.

Exercise #2: Pull-Ups/Chin-Ups

  • This exercise will tone up your chest and remove the fat around the armpit.
  • This exercise is done by pulling up your body up to bar and then again going back to the original position.
  • This exercise increases your grip strength and you will notice weight loss more frequent and the fat around your armpits will disappear with time.

Exercise #3: Chest Press

  • This exercise will remove the fat from the back of your arms and work with your chest.
  • First of all lie down on your back and bend your knees.
  • Now use small weights and push your hands towards the ceiling, one thing should be kept in mind that that your knees should be at 90 degree angle.
  • Lower your arms down to the floor before straightening your hands.


Exercise #4: Standing Reverse Fly

  • First of all stand in a relaxing position and your body posture should be perfect and after that hold small weights in your hands and face your hands forward .
  • Now keeping your back straight bend your knees and lean in forward direction.
  • After bending now move your hands towards the ceiling and your shoulder should be together and hands should be on the same position on both the sides.
  • Then slowly bring back your hands on the starting position and repeat the same process several times.


Exercise #5: Pulling Weights

  • This exercise is beneficial in toning up your arms as well as chest and this exercise will depend on your back.
  • First of all lie down on your stomach and straighten up your legs.
  • Now use small weights and move your hands outwards.
  • After moving your hands outwards reach towards your legs by moving you hands backwards and lift your chest and head along with it.
  • Now move your hands and body in the prior position by extending your arms outside and rest your chest back again.


What Happens to Your Body When You Start Eating 2 Eggs a Day

Most of the people add eggs in their daily diet but some of us avoid the intake of the eggs because they are unaware about the benefits of the eggs. Eggs are the hub of all the vitamins as they contain all the vitamins that our body needs daily. Here are some benefits of eating eggs explained briefly.

Your brain is under choline’s protection

Eggs contain contains choline which promotes efficient working of the brain and increase the amount of those cells which promotes better communication.

Sight is preserved thanks to lutein

It has been proved by the studies that eggs contain sufficient amount of lutein which are the reason behind sharp eyesight and clear vision. It repairs the damage eye tissues and maintains their proper functioning.

Vitamin D helps to absorb calcium

Eggs contain sufficient amount of vitamin D which is beneficial for absorbing calcium in bones and teeth making them much stronger than before.

Vitamin B complex protects the skin, hair and liver

Eggs are the hub of all vitamins out of the vitamins it also contain vitamin B12 that is biotin which is beneficial for the nourishment of the skin and make the hair follicles and root strong . It also contributes in the proper functioning of the liver.

The risk of cardiovascular disease is reduced

Cardiovascular system is one of the most important systems to keep our body and heart fit and healthy. Eggs are proved to a food material that inhibit the excess collection of calories and are low calorie food material.

You start losing weight

Eggs are low calorie food as well as they keep us full for a longer period of time which reduces the amount of food we eat daily.

Decreases the risk of cancer

Eggs contain choline which is essential for proper functioning of the brain as well as reduces the risk of cancer. According to a survey women who include eggs on their daily diet prevent themselves from the risk of breast cancer.

Useful when planning children

Eggs contain those vitamins that promote the growth of sex hormone for instance vitamin B which is beneficial for promoting sex hormone. It also contain vitamin B9 that is folic acid which saves children from mental retardation.

The ageing process slows down

It has been proved by the studies that eggs are the main reason behind slowing down of the ageing process. Around 90% women who eat eggs are proved to look much younger than their real age.

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