Dr. Hajiya Maryam Bukar Abba Ibrahim tasks Nigeria Youths To Read “Poorlitics” To Learn From Past Experiences

Dr. Hajiya Maryam Bukar, Wife of Senator Bukar Ibrahim has urged the Nigeria youths to read the book written by the husband titled, “Poorlitics” to enable them learn and draw leadership ideas from the past leaders like the husband, the author of the launched famous book, yesterday in Abuja.

The iconic book, and Author at the cover.

The book was about the author, a Senator Ibrahim Ibuka, then a young man from small town in Yobe state, Nigeria who went into politics with mere #20,000 in 1991 to ran in governorship against several millionaires, all attempts to rig him out failed and he won to become a governor, served three tenure and Senator, three times.

The author Senator Ibrahim Bukar and Wife, Dr. Hajiya Maryam Bukar

According to the book, the author drew inspiration from political greats like Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Mallam Aminu Kano and several others whose brand of politics was people-based, Ibrahim sided with the people.

Dignitaries present, and unveiling of the book

Dr. Bukar says concerning the contents and its relevance, “This book is timely and written for young leaders to enable them learn from the experiences of past leaders. It will help them to choose ideology against money politics . It is good for the youth who wants to participate in politics”.

According to Hajiya Bukar, by reading this book, it will help the young Nigerians,  who have interest to take part in politics to summon courage and come forward even without enough financial muscles,  as husband did, that with enough political wills and will of the people, they will succeed too.

She went further to emphasis that the time is ripe for generational shift in politics and a need for fresh ideas inculcated into old ideas to replace the todays penchant for self-interest politics, to build politics that will foster mutual understanding, friendship and brotherhood across the nation, and she prayed that with the book, Nigeria politics will change for the better.

“My prayer from what been documented in this book, is for face of politics in Nigeria today to change for the better,” she said.

Pamela Ogwata reporting-Abuja.

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