Elections: Come out and vote, Dadung Alex Bot-Mang Advises PDP Supporters

         Dadung Alex Bot-Mang

One-time Plateau State House of Assembly PDP Aspirant, Dadung Alex Bot-Mang, made the call on Wednesday during an interview session with the press at La-Shom hotel and suites, Jos. He asked eligible voters not be discouraged despite the votes margins, but to come out en masse to vote on Saturday for the PDP Governorship Candidate.

‘We are strategizing to make sure our party comes out victorious and my message to our supporters is for them to know social media cannot win you election, so I am calling them, from affected wards to come out, despite 44, 929 votes margin, and vote our candidate Senator Jeremiah Useni on Saturday for good governance of Plateau State”.

It is of note that the Plateau governorship election among others was, on March 11, declared inconclusive by the state returning officer, Richard Anande, a professor under the reason that the margin between the two leading candidates is less than the number of votes cancelled in the entire election.

He announced that Governor Simon Lalong of the APC had scored 583,255, while Mr Useni of the PDP scored 548,336 votes, highlighting that none of the leading candidates met all the requirements of the law to win the election.

49,347 votes across 41 polling units were cancelled in nine Local Government Areas of the state with Lalong leading with 44, 929 votes margin.

Bot- Mang, Proprietor of La-shom hotel annd suites,  expressed displeasure with how INEC conducted Plateau State Governorship election which drew the ire of the opposition party, PDP members and supporters — both within and outside the State, and called on INEC to do the right thing.

“From the mine and general opinions, INEC has disappointed Nigerians and coming to this state, let the truth be told.
Things should be done the right way. INEC should come out categorically and do what is right. No party should be made to feel cheated. Let whom the cap fits wear the cap not otherwise. INEC just don’t want to do the right thing at the right way,” he said.

Asked what they are doing to make sure that their candidate wins, he says, ” From the figures gathered, 44, 929 votes margin, we need to work hard especially at the catch point- Mangu local government area, we are not leaving any stone unturned, we channelling our energies to achieve massive votes for our candidate. I am assuring you on Saturday everybody will be on field.”

Dadung Alex Bot-Mang, Bussinessman cum Politician, son of late Deputy Governor of Plateau State, Michael Bot-Mang is just putting his political ambition in a cooler but for a short while, and has ambition to govern Plateau state one day. Meanwhile, continues boosting employment opportunities in the state as employer of labour.


Pamela James reporting from Jos.

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