See the 99-Year-Old Inmate On Death Row In Enugu Prison With His Son (Photos)

Photos of a man who is probably the oldest in a Nigerian prison have been revealed by a rights activist.

Celestine Egboluche and an inmate
A Nigerian man, Celestine Egboluche is unarguably the oldest man in a Nigerian prison. The 99-year-old man from Imo State has spent 17 years in prison.
Evangelist Christian Okezie Chukwuka who paid the old man a visit at the Enugu Maximum prison also met the man’s biological son Mr. Paul Egboluche over an undisclosed crime(s).
Read what Mr Christian shared on Facebook:
“These are the video of the elders in the (CC) DEATH ROW Cell in Enugu maximum PRISON. 99 yrs old papa name Mr Celestine Egboluche from Imo State whom has spent 17 yrs in prison with his biological son Mr Paul Egboluche, and 78 Yrs old man Kanayo Arize from Anambra State.
Please the whole world, join me to plead to Enugu State government to free our fathers in Enugu prison who has spent 17 years together with his son in that prison. While the tall old man is 78 years. Both of them have suffered enough.
May the God of mercy breath in mercy into the Governor of Enugu and Anambra to show them mercy. The land of Enugu prison have swallowed so many souls, but these two old people will not be allowed to be swallowed by that red rocky land in the Mighty Name of Jesus. Any question on how to reach them, please contact me.
And if you have access to the government official that could lead to Governor, please contact me so these old ones will go home and be buried proper when die. Evangelist Christian Chukwuka Abounding Grace Foundation.”
Watch video below:

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