Faith and Love of the Lord are Crucial for Nation Building-Says Bishop Godfrey Igwebuike Onah

Bishop Godfrey Onah.

By Pamela James

THE Catholic Bishop of Nsukka, Bishop Godfrey Igwebuike Onah, has emphasised that love and the fear of the Lord were important for national building.

He made the remark at the Annual Seminar of Knights of St. John International held at Abuja yesterday under the theme ” Fear of God in Nation Building”

He, however, said people who did not have love or fear for the God, would not be able to make rational decision in Nation building.

He also pointed out that blame game mechanism cannot work till the Nigeria as Nation goes back to learn whom they are before.

“Only way to know whom we have become is to go back to learn whom we were before” he said.

” All of us have to get ready to negotiate and re-negotiate on the principles which our Nation was built, if we are tired of negotiation, violence will take over.

Nigeria could today boast of many professionals and highly qualified people but, the country is not witnessing the needed dire development because many of those holding high positions in various spheres of national life were not grounded in faith, love and fear of the Lord.

Only the ultimate superior authority- God, who can act as a moderator in our effort in restructuring and national building .

Nation building can come true if we collectively, make sure that we avoid all things that will offend God, because the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, we need ” he said.

During press interview with the Worthy President of the KSJI, Dr. Chijioke Ugwuobe, he seized the opportunity to get the message across to Nigerians, that the only key for the Nation building is faith and believe in God, if each individual will live up to what he/she believes, it will reflect in our Nation wellbeing.

“If we are able to key in, to Our faith and belief and live accordingly, it will be well with you and, then, it will be well with the Nation.

He went further to emphasis in an answer to the press question that, if the people, we put in charge of election and electioneering, have been able to build free and fair atmosphere in their electioneering system, better things would have started coming from all the efforts and exercises.

In attendance at the annual seminar were scores of people from all walks of life including brothers and sisters  of the Noble Order of the Knights and Ladies of Marshall, Knights of Mumambas and

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