Gov Ishaku Submits Nomination Form, And Confidently Awaits Challengers

The Governor of Taraba state submited the governorship form today while  confidently awaiting   the  other political parties candidate to challenge him in next year’s guber poll.

Executive Governor, Darius Ishaku of Taraba state

The leadership of the various groups within the PDP, including the board of trustees, supported the zoning formula and unanimously agreed for him to solely, fly the party’s banner, as up till now, he remains unopposed and sole challenger within the party.

Speaking to one of the party chieftain from the state, he says, “The general consensus is that Ishaku should do a second term to complete our eight years zoning slot. Let me state it clear to you, even the northern and central zones are in full support of his re-election arrangement”.

In an interview chat with another PDP member from the state. He attributed his unchallenged status to his distinctive performance in the state especially in agriculture, health, education and infrastructure.

While another member chronicled consensual rotation formula in the state by giving examples of his predecessors who was also given general consensus to serve eight years.

“Apart from his substantial performance which are enough to earn him second term. His predecessors were given the same chance. starting with Rev. Jolly Nyame who did 10 years from northern zone, from 1992-1993 and 1999-2007.
Danbaba Suntai, from central zone, did eight years. so, it is a general consensus for him to complete his terms and our slot”

Addressing women and youths groups, who travelled all the way from Taraba state to Abuja to show the governor unblinking supports, the Deputy Governor, Haruna Manu spoke on behalf of his partner, assured  them that the unparalleled trust and solidarity they have been shown, can never be compromised, and asked them to show the same unwavering solidarity to ensure his reelection.

” Your job as electorates is to make sure he is returned as governor for a second term. We are asking for you to remain undaunted in support for us to complete the jobs we have started. Thank you. And God bless you”.

Beside some distractions that might come from other parties, the PDP in Taraba state is optimistic that Governor Darius Ishaku will retain his mandate come 2019.

By Pamela Ogwata

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