HRH Eze Dr. Emetumah Celebrates New Yam Festival In Royal Style

Emetumah lll seated at his throne with other visiting traditional rulers and Royal fathers

HRH Eze Dr. Emetumah lll celebrated new yam festival recently for his kingdom.

Lolo making ceremonial entrance to the venue with her chaperones

‘Emume iri ji ohuru’ or ‘Iwa ji’ or ‘Ife ji oku’ is a unifying factor within various communities in Igbo land and always celebrated by Royal fathers for his subjects, families and friends.

The Monarch welcoming other traditional Rulers at the occassion

It began with his breaking of kolanuts, later slicing and consumption of roasted yam.

Royal dance
Her Royal Highness, Lolo Igwe and Princesses

dipped into flesh peppered palm oil, garnished with Igbo local bitter leaves(Utazi) among others.

This was followed up by the Royal Dance of the Monarch, Eze Dr. Emetumah lll a.k.a Ezekaibeya 1 of Umudioka, Akubueze 1, Offor of Umuofor Kingdom, and traditional dance of Igba-Eze cultural Dances, Masquerade Parade and musical rendition by various groups in the community who were fully present to give the ceremony royal touch.

Celebrant seated with his Lolo

Special delicacies  ceremonial foods were prepared that include: Boiled White Yam (with its tubers) coupled with its red oily sauce; pounded yam eaten with Igbo local soups, Yam Porridge (Ji-awayi) all for the consumption pleasure of the guests present.

Performing the actual ceremony; Yam dedications

However, the aim of the New Yam Festival in Igbo land is a situation when a royal father of a particular kingdom, officially present the newly harvested yams to God and the ancestors of the land and, is also an avenue for him to thank God for sustaining the life of the farmers, his subjects and the farm product (yam) through a successful planting season.

Cross section of guests seated

New Yam festival is not only celebrated in Oguta, Imo state but across all over Igbo: Anambra, Abia, Ebonyi, Enugu, Imo and Delta.

According to the monarch, his this years celebration was quite late than his usual timing due to certain reasons but pledged next one will be as usual (timely).

So if you need a reason to visit  Umuofor kingdom, Oguta land, Imo state, the colourful New Yam Festival of the Monarchical Royal Father, Eze Dr. Emetumah lll is the one.

Pamela reports.

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