I have Big Confidence, We Will Win – Maichibi Uwarji

Chief Maichibi Uwarji, Director Hon. Simon Bako Lalong Campaign mobilizer

Director of Mobilization for Lalong Campaign Organization, Chief Maichibi Uwarji made this remark while speaking to the team of press who paid him a visit at his home town, Jing, Plateau State, to ascertain how prepared his party is concerning about to start Governorship in the state.

He stated that the party is in a positive mood to win the election based on the antecedents of the incumbent.

“We are well prepared to win this election, and you can see with your two eyes, the large turn-outs of voters waiting here to vote that people were fully mobilised . I have big confidence, we will win,” he said.

He added, that excellently, they have  dobe their homeworks very well, and because the Governor simon Bako Lalong worked made their jobs easy.

He went further to emphasize that democracy is about people, and that Governor Simon Bako Lalong has done well in ensuring that dividends of democrcy are felt in the state for that people will reëlect him.

“I am very much positive, he will be re-elected today. Democracy is about reaching to the people. Listening to the people. It’s an interactive relationship between the governed and the governor, and Our governor knows that”, he said.

Former Plateau State  PDP Chairman, Uwarji seized the opportunity to warn against the ills of social media fake news promotion in distorting electoral processes and outcomes .

“Social Media is doing much harm to our electoral processes than people can admit. The reason why I do speak of it, because I don’t understand the reason some certain people will just sat somewhere cooked up false stories and post it out there as facts. The bad thing about it, is people are reading and believing them without knowing that they are just invented lies,”  he said.

He made an instance of the alleged ballot boxes intercepted at some locations, in some states which according to him, up till now are not verifiable as one cannot trace the sources of those fake news.

For the politicians and youths violence during elections, he says,  “Politician should know is their good works people will be looking at when voting, and we have done our jobs very well. We are going to win. Nigeria democracy has come to stay and political office seekers should stol inciting violence using youths who are on drugs. Vote but don’t fight is my message to my people,” he sounded off.

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