Igbo Allegiance: With Sikiru Adebayo Osinowo Senatorial Race, the choice is clear.

Hon. Sikiru Osinowo aka Pepper, APC Candidate For Lagos East Senatorial district

Typical Igbo man is difficult to convince when it concerns politics, one has to go extra mile to ensure that they believe in whom they are voting for, as majority are self- made to be entice with anything. Except they actually believe in your course, they won’t but with Osinowo in the race the choice is clear.

Ahead of the 2nd march legistlative election, the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Lagos East Senatorial district are making frantic efforts to secure bulk votes from non-indigenes, especially Igbo residents, who form considerable percentage of voters in the district .

Hon. Osinowo declaration ceremony

2019 Lagos East Senatorial race to average Igbo living at the district, like a vote to add more turmoil and acrimony to lagos state over-heated politics without getting much done, or a vote to forge working relationships with others to accomplish the work needed.

Hon Sikiru Adebayo Osinowo aka Pepper. the most ranking Lagos House of Assembly member. He has been a member since 2003 representing Kosofe Constituency 1, now gunning for seat of Lagos East senatorial district at 9th National Assembly.

People elect their senators with the expectation that they will fight for legislation that is in the best interest of the average citizen and Osinowo has all that it will take to do that.

The most important job of a senator is to represent the people to speak with citizens about problems, concerns or suggestions they have for their district from his track records is what he’ve been doing.

Hon. Sikiru Osinowo endorsement by lagos House Members

People elect their senator with the expectation that they will fight for legislation that is in the best interest of the average citizen. Osinowo remain the only Igbo choice with the legistlative competencies to attract projects that will develop the district, protect Igbo interest and businesses to the expectations of the them, instead of the one-man show they have all witnessed for the last 20 years.

The position of Senator needs a pragmatic person who apart from being dynamic but self sacrificial, Hon. Osinowo promised to donate his entire four years salaries to the party for welfare of women and youths within his Senatorials district, should he wins the 2019 general elections. It is not only his own way of giving back, but also a genuine show of empathy towards his district communities.
shinowo is running for Lagos East Senatorial district seat election, and the choice between him and his opponent, Princess Abiodun Oyefusi, the Lagos East Senatorial candidate of PDP party, is a perfect representation of the choice facing Igbos, about which direction to take their politics direction. Both I assumed, are passionately dedicated to do their best if elected; however, it is how each approach the fight that makes this race so symbolic of our current national political climate.

“Both in private and public service, Hon. Sikiru Osinowo has touched so many lives with exemplary leadership qualities and philanthropic gestures”, said Party chieftain.

Hon. Sikiru Osinowo waving the APC flag during his formal declaration for the Lagos East Senatorial race

There are refrains that Igbo living in lagos  are exhausted, by the constant drumbeat of partisan acrimony, looking for representative who understand that when it comes to government, fighting for the people you serve is more about forging working by sharpening swords.

Bayo Oshinowo has an established record in the latter, and Lagos East Senatorial district deserves that experience.

“He won an unwinnable by doing exactly what every campaign should do. He focused on the needs of the people, the voters,” His Supporter said during his primary victory speech.

He adds, “He talked about the substinant issues affecting their lives during his campaign and voters believe him.”

Lagos East senatorial district need someone who have learnt about legislation by example and by experience. Of recent we’ve seen some pretty ugly behavior among Nigeria legislators – Red and Green chambers alike. Lots of finger-pointing and blame-gaming. Frankly, it’s embarrassing, but more importantly, it’s dysfunctional. legislators are paid the big bucks, not just to take on great responsibility and own it, but also to make sure everyone in their districts felt it.

More than anything, a great lawmaker is someone who feels so passionately, so strongly about something that he not only lives for it, he’ll put his life on the line to see it through. It’s that sort of passion and personal accountability that inspires others to follow. That’s the mark of a great lawmaker. That’s the kind of legislators we had in the early days of this great nation. And that’s what we so desperately need again and, Hon. Sikiru Adebayo Osinowo aka Pepper can bring that kind of devotion back.

Igbo can no longer accept the status quo any longer. They want lawmaker who would improve their communities — not taking their votes for granted, put their needs before party politics. Someone who believe in listening, identifying solutions, and compromising to get things done and intend to offer the voters of Lagos East Senatorial district a better choice and Sikiru Adebayo Osinowo is that choice.

Pamela Ogwata/Lagos Reports

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