Dr. Pius Ikedi Ohakim

The immediate past Governor of Imo State, Dr. Ikedi Ohakim has openly rooted the recent happenings at Imo State. It’s true that people have lost confidence in present administration in the state. The talk of monarchical imposition of Governor Okorocha’s son in law is total abuse of power. Vast people of its citizens are tired of division and bickering and his further fight against the duly elected delegates are becoming too risky for him. It has dashed Okorocha’s long journey to regaining relevance and it died at the venue of APC convention in Abuja. He is just floating on nothing but on cliffhangers and happy ending to dream looks remote.

Subsequent speech making, deal cutting, vote rustling and budget legerdemain that went into eking the his deputy was just like Nebuchadnezzar on his last days. 

The hushed operation of secret chambers of the high court verdict, that individual mandated might prove fatal is too rich an irony.

After all his idea which was originally hatched by him and embraced by his self gratification supporters including speaker of the house assembly, before he spurned into actions. The end motivation is to secure his loots.

What the majority of citizens of the state won’t do this time around-is to refight political battles of almost eight years with his son in law, and going back to the ways things are with him. Come 2019 election, the state hope to elect an experienced and able leader that will leads them to path of recovering and install back progress.

The upcoming next year election, will give the state new reason to get excited as tried and experienced hand is coming on board. That has foreclosed Okorocha’s chance of political imposition of unpopular candidate; son in law, Uche Nwosu.

It’s not always anybody’s duty to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices but is a duty of patriots to direct them back, and right the wrongs.

It is not exaggerating to state the fact that majority citizens of Imo state perceived Ohakim as a groundbreaker, a trust born out of the remarkable developmental projects he initiated during his tenure as technocrat who believes on use of education as a tool to build sustainable and participatory future for the youths of the state. He initiated scholarship programs for the less-advantaged.

For men and women in the state, they benefited from his empowerment initiatives, financial incentives were given even trucks given out. 

To advance the socioeconomic of the state, he led fourteen -man delegates to Taiwan to see developmental platforms to borrow from their dynamic economy.

He championed 13%  salary increment to monarchs in the state, Dr. Ohakim is one of the frontier in Delta region fight. 

During his administration, he brought some sanity to use of public funds in the state, less misappropriation were noted. 

Dr. Ohakim is the author of series of book that touches marketing and rural industrialization. One can see demonstration of visions in all his projects in the state, which remains as he left it due to lack of continuity from Rochas administration. Ohakim is a man with strong political conviction and all his works are the mirror of his political philosophy, but the regret is, he were not allowed to carry the ball over the finish line. 

However, if one pause, to analyze the system that brought Rochas into power and his assumed victory over Ohakim in 2011 election, first one has to understand how, Autocracy is only the rules for survival and how it  works both in electoral process and outcomes.

Autocratic electoral contest, is election dominated by charges of lying and mistruths, from the primaries to the general election. Allegiance to a fact-based reality constantly challenged. The conspiracy theories work on a different level than mere lies. It lodges itself in the mind by showing that something could be true without proving that it is true, therefore impossible to disprove and it cannot be fact-checked because central tenets are conjectures rather than not facts, then debates spawned by conspiracy theories become fruitless arguments about beliefs, and merely by having them, gradually elevate these theories from assertion to assumption. Conspiracy theories do not stem from facts. Instead, they demand facts to buttress them. Okorocha victory over Ohakim, is the fact on which the original theory had relied and had been debunked, but the belief remained. Inasmuch one will look for new facts to support it but the contender always insists that by-gone” should stay gone even before the final judgment by the Supreme Court.

Therefore, 2019 election is a call for Dr. Pius Ikedi Ohakim continuity. There is no sense in conducting theoretical debates when the Imo state house is on fire. The political impacts of his decision to run, has been rippling at this election season in a way that can even a jostle boat including Okorocha’s corner. Other Aspirants won’t fail to acknowledge with Ohakim on the race, rough seas are ahead. But good news is his mission is always clear and to the point. He is coming to Repair and Progress the state. 

There is no iota of doubt, with experience and a technocrat for that matter, he already possessed a tool, his past achievements have earned a trust from Imoans, his strong political will and philosophy is a know-how and power, he needs to get things done. He is the only one with broad acceptability for now, to win the Imo state gubernatorial race and running under APGA party a bonus that have endeared him to the first choice status.

Pamela Ogwata

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