Kano State APC party is poised ready to deliver over 5 million votes to President Buhari come 2019- Hon. Alhassan Ado Doguwa.

The Chief Whip of the Federal House of Representatives, Hon. Alhassan Ado Doguwa, Congressman representing Tudun Wada/ Doguwa constituency at 8th Nigeria National Assembly speaking after casting his vote at Ragada Ward A polling booth yesterday during Kano State Local Government election.

“For what you have seen here today, the massive turn-out of voters, the patience and devotion waiting to cast their votes, must have shown you all that Kano State APC party is poised ready to deliver again over 5 million votes to President Buhari come 2019 reelection.”

He reinstated the state party commitment towards ensuring President Buhari reelection 2019, if he ever decides to run again.

According to him the state party members are putting it in reality by their voluminous supports and votes, the promise they made to the President Buhari during his visit to the state last year, due to developmental strides of the present administration in the state and federal level.

Hon. Ali Abdu Aliyu Doguwa, APC candidate contesting for the the Doguwa Local Government Area Chairmanship position was later emerged a winner of the election, with 58,645 valid votes.
The two-timer administrator on his good message after the victory, thanked the supporters who voted him in, and pledged to carry everyone irrespective of the party affiliation to ensure unity, peace and progress within the communities.

He seized the opportunity to divulged that, having served as care-taker committee and now democratically elected to the same post, will enable to consummate some on-going projects he started as well enough time to initiate new ones.

Despite PDP party eschewal, the turn out was surprising and void of violence.

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