Lambert Isa-Gonzuk Elected National Vice-President, NWSA (North-Central)

…..people need to apply conservational attitude toward usage of water.”

General Manager, Plateau State Water Board, Mr Lambert Isa-Gonzuk who served as Chairman, Nigeria Water Supply Association (NWSA) Plateau state chapter was yesterday elected and elevated to the post of vice president of the North Central zone of the association at the 4th Annual General Meeting that saw the past EXCO 2013 elected officials tenure elapsed and  dissolved and election into various offices conducted.

          Lambert Isa-Gonzuk

The Association established in 1997,  went into comatose for a decade, before it was revived in 2012, this week held three days International Conference in Abuja- first ever International Conference organised by the Nigeria Water Supply Association (NWSA) with the theme ‘Transforming Urban Water Supply Sanitation Utilities into Financially Viable Entities’.

Reeling from the victory, the water chemist, Gonzuk restated his commitment toward taking the association to another level to ensure is used as a platform in promotion of learning and sharing knowledge through community of practice among members as well encourage enrollment of new memberships and membership retention.

“As you can see, Plateau state has highest number of active members,  and with the new position, is a call for me to work more,  in promoting and increasing membership  within  the North Central zone in order to  maintain high records of meeting attendances and membership retention to achieve the association goals.”

Mr. Isa-Gonzuk standing next to National President and all other newly elected EXCO members.

He went further, advised Nigerians to key in to global quest for water conservation, as water is vital to all human activities on earth, as population increases, the usage of water increases and calls for strict water conservation in our usage of water.

“Water is a necessity in every day of our life. In our homes, offices, schools, hospitals, markets, industries, and even in our personal journey, there is always the need for continual water supply to meet our basic water needs. As human populations continue to grow, so do our standards of living and demands for goods and services. All of these developments increase pressure on our water resources. Water moves across landscapes and needed for multiple, competing purposes along the way. In order for this to work, it needs to be managed at a bigger scale and for people to apply conservational attitude in using water.”

He also siezed the opportunity to call on water supply practioners to come forward and join the association,  as there are lots to gain as a member.

” I am calling all the people under water supply sector to come and be a member, we have lots to share and learn as well for promotion of best international practice among us.”

He added that the association has an oversized function of playing a role of advocacy for the improvement water supply delivery and sanitation services in Nigeria.

Meanwhile,  To install meaningful reforms that will improve water supply services delivery as a way to attract financial viability while sustaining the utilities, Nigeria federal government seeks to partner with the association.

The major focus of the conference is for the partnership with the all tiers of the government, a need necessitate by dismal performance of Urban WASH in Nigeria, that prompted  the federal government declaration of “State of Emergency” in the water sector.

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