Lost Surface Pro Microsoft Laptop and Handsome Compensations

Surface Pro Microsoft laptop

Surface Pro Mictosoft laptop colour- grey with name Engineer Moses written on most of the file documents inside the system, was lost in Abuja at International Conference Center (ICC), and very handsome compensations waiting for whosever will assist locate it.

The laptop in question contains a great amount of vital datas in relative to the owner’s line of job, so he is appealing to God fearing Nigerians who might have in one way or others come in contact with such item, to help or give information on how the laptop can be located.

He is ready to part with the laptop but not the contents as they are very crucial to his job for that ready to compensate however, whatsoever and whosever will come up with information that will assist in recovering either the file datas or the laptop.

You can contact Mr. Maxwell on this number for further details : +2348166020717

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