Motivation: Perspective In Educational Psychology, Book Written By Rev. (Dr.) Godwin Agaga launched In Abuja


The book launched yesterday in Abuja titled ” Motivation: Perspective In Educational Psychology” by Rev. Dr. Godwin Agaga, reviewed by Dr. Gerald Adewale was written centering on need to apply motivational strategies such as rewards, praise, awards, and good grades to enforce positive learning processes and improved performances both inside and outside learning environment.

The Author, Dr. Agaga at extremely right and the Chairman during book unveiling session.

Seated guests at the event.

In a chat with National Enquirer, Dr. Agaga spoke more on why motivational strategy should be imbibed into Nigeria educational culture to achieve better results.

“Learning is very tasky. It requires strong facilitation. For learning to take place to an extent conveniently, motivational strategy has to be applied. However, without learning, we are not going to have a developed society. It has now becomes expedient to imbibe motivational strategy in our educational processes as emergency action to save our educational system and, We, in educational sector have to put all hands in deck to imbibe motivational culture into our learning to achieve expected results”, he said.

.Chairman of the event,  Col. Dr. Achikasim

According to the Author, he drew inspiration to write the book from his personal and classroom experiences especially, from Aa particular Professor, who taught him and conventionally applied motivation that caused improved  postive performances among his students.

” He treated the class room and students as extention of his family and they felt so”, he said.

His thought on teaching of moral education in schools, he says, “Moral education is important in building moral society. We cannot build good society on immoral and amoral but by effecting moral attitudes, and it has to be persistent, and be consistently carried out, to achieve moral society to an extent”, he noted.

During an interview with Barr. Zainab Ibrahim, a lawyer and sister to the author, she spoke of a need to use incentives to kick start improved performances.

“A motivated teacher is a key to the classroom performances. Attitude influences motivation. Value their effort they will improve their performances and achieve more.
Use incentives to get desired results.

Pay teachers very well to give their best. Motivate the students to get best performance from them. Use motivation to change things up, that’s what the book is speaking of”,  she said.



Rev. E.O Achibu keying it to the book theoritical concept, described the book as educational psychology book that interpreted the roles of psychology in educational performance improvement and advised Nigerians and people in educational sector to buy and read the book for more insights.

Pictures at the Event:

Also speaking at the event, Chief book launcher, Dr. Saminu Auwalu, HOD, FCT College of Education in a side chat interview with the press,  spoke about why is relevant to adopt the motivational system in teaching and learning processes to achieve pragmatic educational growth.

“The book is well written and the subject very articulate. It is aimed at  influencing learning behaviour and evaluating learning process. The book seems to explore motivational strategy in influencing postive learning outcomes. Teaching and learning cannot be effective and efficient without motivations.

He described motivation strategy as a life wire of teaching and learning, and advised that for Nigeria educational system to be pragmatip,  theoretical and  practicality have to be applied simultaneously in Nigeria teaching methods.

Rev. Hyacinth Ngene of Assembly of God, Abuja district described the book as very timely book written by one who have seen and experienced it all, and he called on educational stakeholders to adopt the book and imbibed into the motivation strategy proffered by the author because according to him, “Motivation has strong ability to enforce positive learning behaviour even when applied in our daily lives”.

He lauded and appreciated the writer for that time and study about this great enforcer and only that took time and put It in writing for others to learn from.

One time Cross River state, gubernatorial candidate, Dr. Fidelis Ugbo, who represented Rt. Hon. (Dr. Joseph Wayas, as father of the day at the event, bailed out his mind on the subject matter as written by the author,  says, ” I must appreciate the author for this literary contribution which will impact postively this society and future generation massively.

Dr. Fidelis Ugbo seated at VIP round table.

Dr. Ugbo responded to the question  failing in educational system with more emphasis on (Educational) Foundational institutions thus-
” The foundational education of today’s, is better of yesterday’s, because of more information avaliable today. If there is any problem, it should be layered at the doorstep of parents not the system.

He emphasises more, ” Parents are now leaving everything to teachers, they are forfeiting their parental roles to classroom teachers. Learning should be a continuous process even outside classroom enviroments. We need to educate our children at home to compliment what they are being taught in schools. Teaching should not be left to institution to impact alone, Parents have to do their parts at home”, he advised.

Emphasising why Nigerians should imbibe the culture of reading in their daily activities, he also says, ” Poor reading culture is one of the challenges facing our educational growth as a nation. The saying that if you want to hide anything from Nigerian, hide it inside a book is a fact, reading shouldn’t only be when exam comes but all times”, he noted.

Your Excellency, Dr. Ugbo went further to commend the author for coming out with piece that will permanently impacts the teaching and learning strategies in Nigeria, while describing the book as ” handy articulated scholarly, researched work out to force a change”

The event held at Public Service Institute, Kubwa was well attended especially, professionals from academic and religious fields, friends and families of authors who came out massively to witness and support the project not left out is media team from different media houses there to witness and cover the event.The hall was filled up to the brim.

Pamela Ogwata reporting/Abuja.

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