NFD Briefing- Nigeria Benefits From More Women in Power, Give Women A Chance- A.M  Archibong Esq.

Nigeria For Democracy (NFD) National Chairman, A.M Archibong on tuesday said that it will benefit the nation with bringing more women in Nigeria politics.

A.M Archibong Esq. made this known while briefing journalists on tuesday in Abuja, on pre-summit detailing for incoming summit titled ” Rebuild Nigeria: Next Leaders Summit” geared toward encouragement, promotion and empowerment of  women’s equal political participation in Nigeria.

National Chairman, Nigeria For Democracy- M.A Archibong during the press brief.

He says, “We are trying to create groundwork and foundation for those coming after us. We want to get more women engaged politically. We want to place them in the path of leadership.  We need to get our women to participate in leadership, open door for them in public sector, private and, political sector. Nigeria will benefit from women in power and in achieving Sustainable Development Goals(SDG)”.

He said that 2000-2015 United Nation sponsored Eight Millennium Development Goals duly signed, agreed by hundred and nine nations a move toward nations’ commitment to eradicate extreme poverty rates, promote gender equality, provide universal primary education and with the new, universal Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to become a achievable in Nigeria, women must actively participate in leadership.

He added, that Women’s political participation is a fundamental prerequisite for gender equality, democracy and achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, that each step of SDG goals can only be achieved with getting women involved.

However, he cited some of SDG goals loke eradication of extreme poverty, universal primary education, gender equality, reduction of child mortality and maternal rate , all centred mostly on women, and to make them reality women must be actively involved, that they should not be excluded when most of these goals are centered on them, and afterall, they are the one that carry the pregnancy,  give the birth, teach the child from toddler of learning the mothers tongue to nursery school even to adult life.

Former Nigeria Presidential candidate, Archibong esq. at the end listed out the practical steps NFD is taking to empower and encourage the participation of women in Nigeria politics and, about the group incoming 500 Women Match project.

He says, ” In order to awake our conscience and conscious to this agenda, I have decided to organise a summit titled ” 500 Women Match next month where lawyers, medical doctors, politicians, students, average persons etc are being invited to give a talk and speak to women.

‘We never had female governor-elect in Nigeria but deputies, and that means they have never succeeded. What do we do to enable them?- It’s to empower them by making nomination form free for them and putting that into law, and by periodically, organising workshops on how they can become political power’.

He concluded the press brief thus “This is time to organise the next set of leaders that will include women, the one that cannot leave the mothers of our nation behind,” he said.

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