Omotayo Omotosho Tasks Public Office Holders To Ensure Masses Interest Supersede Their Personal Interests

Mrs-Omotayo-Omotosho MFR a.k.a Mama Tourism

“In terms of hardware development, Nigeria is nowhere inasmuch as we are doing well in software solutions- Engr. Oluwalana

Chief Executive of Tourism-Edge Consultant/ Former DG Nigeria Tourism, Omotayo Omotosho said this at the ” DigiFab Summit Nigeria 2019″ holding in Abuja Thursday, 23rd 2019, that Nigerian public holders must ensure to put Nigerians interest beyond personal interests to create better Nigeria.

The Summit is being organised by her Pet Project; Towards A Greater Nigeria Foundation and ITESI FabLab under the theme ” Digital Manufacturing: Diversity & Inclusion for Sustainable Local Content Development”

she says, ” I believe so much, that if we work together as a team, we can make Nigeria, a better place.

It is not difficult to have a better Nigeria if all of us unite to invest in human capital. If we decide to be honourable, to be transparent, to be accountable to our people, to be fair and just rather than being given a position of authority as a public servant whats precedence in your mind is to buy bond with government money to invest on children you are yet to born.

Cross section of Participants at the summit

If we can just do the right thing, the way is being done in civilised economy. If we can do the right thing by telling ourselves the truth, making sure that the interest and welfare of the common wealth, common people, the general masses supersede our personal interests, then Nigeria will be a better place.”

Omotayo Omotosho MFR, a former Miss Nigeria, 25 years ago initiated a Public Enlightment Talk show, and is still going on with same vigor and drive to better Nigeria. ” what  drove me 25years ago, is still the same thing driving me right now,  to be doing what I am doing now to better our country”

DigiFab Summit Nigeria 2019 is designed for the particpants like design professionals, engineers, architect to digital artists, students, hobbyists and general public.

Relevant government agencies, Nigeria Content Monitoring Board, Representatives from Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, Education, Members of Diplomatic protocols like United Kingdom, Germany, France etc were present duly represented and present at the event.

According to Omotayo, Bill Gates when he was in Nigeria last year, profers capacity building as the only road map for Nigerians to lash into technology Superhighway like other nations.

Participants in a group picture

“We, from private sectors cannot do it alone, that’s why we are united, in combination efforts with the representatives of government agencies to work towards embracing digital technology as we cannot afford to be left behind as a nation.

For instance, merchanised farming- Honourable Federal Minister of Agriculture, Audu Ogbeh was always talking about, merchanised agriculture so with the digital technolog,  agriculture can expand, multiply productions through agricultural merchanised system.”

She added, ” In this digital world, Nigeria cannot continue living in stone age era. We must lash on technology Superway as other nation. Presently, We do not have digital fabrication in Nigeria. Then how can we key in, to the 21st digital world even if is here does our youth knowledgeable enough to hand those machines? We supposed to be asking ourselves these questions: How much information, how much know how, skills our youth has to handle digital solutions.
However, here,  we are going to teach them  a lot of things relating how these things are being done. We are looking forward after this summit to discover talents, and build capacities on digital fabrication in Agriculture, Education, Scientific technology, health appliances etc.” she said. She called on like-minds to start talking about this by organising digital programs, summits, conducting workshops because Nigeria cannot afford to be left behind.

Engr. Oluwadara Oluwalana MD ITESL FabLab

Managing Director/CEO, ITESL FabLab and Co- founder, Program director of the summit, Engr. Oluwadara Oluwalana in a press interview enumerated the essence of the summit and, how it is going to position Nigeria to sustainable energy world and, along relieved the government the burden of providing some energy solutions to the masses as then they can provide them by themselves.

“In terms of hard ware development, Nigeria is no-where inasmuch as we are doing well in software solutions.

This is opportunity for us to do something about it, now as world is not where it was before.

“The essence of this summit is to identify talents and work to develop them. There are so much digital technology capacity skills, Nigerians can tap into like Artificial intelligence, robotics, blockchain technologies, digital fabrication in education, 3D modelling and printing etc.

The chief thing here is- Empowerment. We have here people that develop these technologies, who are here to teach them know-how. We invited lots of Speakers, experienced engineers and academicians who arr ready to let them in, into the database of their wide knowledge.

With these, we are bringing digital technologies closer to people. Thank God, the government had put down certain policies to encourage energy modular system in that one can solely build one’s own energy system, not only cheaper but sustainable,” Engr. Oluwalana stated.

Pamela Ogwata reports.

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