PDP Picking Atiku: Best Reason At Unreasonable Era

PDP SET ATIKU ON RAIL- Although, Nigeria has long been awash on narrowed thinking steeped in tradition and habits. And let’s hang on to some healthy cynicism: Nigeria is place where making money through politics takes precedence over just everything else, locking out candidates with genuine political will to better the nation.

Dr. Atiku Abubakar

Power has always been concentrated in the hands of few. Men connection are valued over merit. Patriotism has been thrown to the dogs, people are more interested on content of the pocket of the candidates over the content of their manifestos. Where supporting entity falls along party, religion and tribal lines rather than candidacy.

Today even our nation’s capital has made Samaria seem like a role model, the present failing of the ruling party has made everyone has a rethinks of our behavioural attitude to a candidate. It has forced Nigeria to backslide into a darker era. Nigeria voters are now examing everything in new, more starkly revealing light.

The popular Presidential aspirant, Atiku

Over the past few years alone, Nigeria has moved quickly to the right, trying to reexamine the long-established voting mirth and rattle out ancient modes of thinking.

The inadequacy  of the present administration and their use of propaganda as a vehicle to pull prospective leaders out of the race has been an eye openers.

The subsequent swift failings of other political players, have forced us to change everything including,  how we view voting outside the ethnics and religious divides.

Suddenly, we have known differently, and to speak out about misadministration and whom we want to lead us.

As epidermal dismay about the failure of the  present administration continue swelling, getting bigger and louder by the day and forcing us to wake up and look for rescuers.

Their absolute failures have changed, how we view politics -or any politician who doesn’t hold the big power cards-in political business before coming into politics. One who are not employer of labour but comes into politics to earn daily meal tickets. Who their life jacket is only in politics while Nigeria youths are swimming on sea of unemployment.

Abubakar Atiku, among all those clamouring for presidency tickets is the only one, who not only has created jobs for the people but running business empires, even the world politics of today and nations are picking their presidents from those. Nigeria needs successful entrepreneurs not career politician to be our president. Imagine south Africa considers that before electing their new president. World has gone nuclear so we need people who thinks in that direction.

Atiku understands how the business -economy works because he is running one. He is employer of labour so he understands how labour market works. He has been in presidency, he understands how government works.  The world is a global village, Nigeria needs a player who can flow well in negotiating and understanding bilateral relationships. Nation President position is about knowing and understanding how world business and economy works, to effect home socio-economic growth.

When one talks about Atiku’s candidancy, one is talking about the only candidate with enough political weight to pull down the autocratic system the present administration has clothed itself with. A man with enough political will and broad acceptability to break the walls of religious and tribal prejudices directing Nigeria politics of today.

It is not a shock that different political groups are now endorsing Abubakar and praying he wins the primary.

Only thing PDP can do is to hand him over the baton by electing him at the primary. Abubakar Atiku wining the PDP primary ticket will look like an egg cracked open, and there is no putting its content back inside. It will further shift and expand PDP chance of regaining the relevance as a party Nigerians can reckon with- Power to the People.

Atiku Abubakar remains the only candidate with multi-facet acceptability across the nation, who has political capacity to break  walls erected by religious and tribal afflictions in Nigeria.  It will be terrific, if he wins the primary ticket from PDP, it will be for  the masses sake in saving Nigeria as a nation.

But if he doesn’t , the voluminous endorsements he had already,  alone is a huge step forward. It might even inspire him to step outside PDP to another party knowing his web of supporters, will not be deterred in following suit and in voting him at the final. For his supporters, they are indifferent to any party he flies, only interested in him as a candidate.  So PDP should put that at the back of their mind on deciding who to dole out the presidential ticket to. If not him, who? is a huge question going on everywhere.

The new Nigerians mindset, of opting for one presidential candidate-Abubakar Atiku,  shows how we have been changed, and its swiftness is exciting and encouraging. It is sign of hope that Nigeria can live up to its ideal, moving beyond diversity walls. Even Nigeria youths across the nation has in many way seem more thoughtful, stable and forward thinking than politicians. They want a president that’s more inclusive than less, one who can provide a kind of leadership that all Nigerians want to see, it’s what the world wants to see from us. One that will help put out our best face forward as a nation, if we want to continue to thrive as an africa economic force.

PDP should think about giving primary ticket to a candidate that Nigeria citizens of all tribes, orientations and beliefs can respond to ? The smart way to do that is to nominate Abubakar Atiku as a Presidential candidate.

The question now is no more will they or won’t they?  Should he or shouldn’t he ?  Those questions are now beside the point.

The crux is that he is a perfect choice because his business and political feat rings with common sense, and,  he is the kind of dignified, respectful candidate, Nigerians could generally hope to get from PDP.

That at least in certain way bridge partisan differences already in place. Doing so will ensure during general election, they will amass votes from all the angles of this nation  because his broad acceptability goes beyond ethnographic.

Nigerians are salivating for the magnitude of change and transformation his administration will usher in, if voted in. Lives and property will be secured because he is a man who loves peace and tranquility.

Hugely business people, students, civil servants are igniting the hope that with this man, Nigerians can still find a way to put their rich ideals to work and dashed old ways of doing business.  Atiku will not fail to make room at the table for men and women of all tribes and religions in his administration for unity sake.

It might seem unimaginable in these era but it shall be reality. We’ve entered an age which we cant afford to look away, or even blink-for better and for worse. Every choice we make today in terms of whom we vote in at the primary and the general will detect our future as a nation.

Every report of inappropriate or outright illegally conduct by those in political power play are no more conceal. Every certain politician misuse of power or abuse of trust-thanks to social media, are there for us to know, almost nothing can be hidden anymore. So we knew who fit to all sizes to what we need now- a saviour, one who will rebuild trust and confidence to keep us together. One who will redirect our economy back to moving rail.

As 2019 election dates are coming fastly, suddenly, every politician is nervous about practically everything, asking questions about what needs to change-this degree of scrutiny is a double-edged sword. Inasmuch, this should not be a time,  to run their achievements through a filter, to make sure it’s completely fair and appropriate, it might not be a good way to judge them but yet it’s the best. Looking to Atiku’s achievements as a vice – president,  he did well. He was the one running the government when the president-Obasanjo was in his travelling sprees. He was able to steer economy to a remarkable path.

This new electoral era demands that we feel comfortable on whom we veer for- it’s the only way to change all the things we’ve become too uncomfortable with, having voted career politicians who ran our economy down.

Thank God that Nigeria politicians at least recognize that it has reached a crossroads, that we, the governed need to pick grains from the shaft and come up with a candidate.

 This rexent changes in our electoral pattern, has the potential to change Nigeria thinking as everyone is now in, for anyone who will keep us alive and in good state. We knew that any candidancy dcision, we made at up coming months will decide if we can recover as a nation or go down the rail as a failed nation.

Good news, at least honesty, experience and human compassion that this country is wishing for and not getting in past administrations will be coming from Abubakar Atiku,  so unifyingly,  Nigerians are praying that  PDP as a party understands that.

In Atiku Abubakar,   we see the the “new” Nigeria the rogressive thinkers are thinking of.  A nation, where the voices of men, women, youths and minorities will be heard and valued.  A man who in his leadership, no certain ethnics or politicians would held all the power. A man who will come up with a kind of mini utopian Nigeria.

The universal optimism in the man, called Atiku Abubakar can never be misplaced.

Looking at his past political deeds, Atiku strives to go into politics at the first instance is not about money as he had achieved that in his business endeavours.  It is to improve the  nation’s governance. To ensure dependable and sustainable future Nigeria youths and thats more reason, Nigeria youths adore him. He craves to force a shift in Nigeria’s thinking that we cannot get it right as a nation.

PDP don’t have to do it for Atiku, but have to do it to save the nation from APC hand. He is the  only candidate through him we can vote these rascals in power out. PDP can only get it right by picking Atiku, if not, it has planned to fail and dashed the only path for Nigeria unity and sustainable future. The big question remains if not Atiku Abubakar, who? None in view.

Pamela James.

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