Bingham University gets New Vice Chancellor

Qurix resumes as VC of Bingham University

Bingham University gets New Vice Chancellor

“How He Handles These Issues Will Spell Him”

Professor William Barnabas Qurix, a don of Architecture, has been named as the new Vice Chancellor of the Bingham University, Karu. He was the immediate past Vice Chancellor of the Kaduna State University.

He has resumed duty and the academic community looks forward to him to resolve the mess that his predecessor created for the institution in order to get the varsity’s feet back to path of progress.

According to a Public Analyst present, Dalhatu Haruna, “the uproar and applauds that followed the appointment of the former Vice Chancellor of the Kaduna State University (KASU) reflected the character and diversity of the people that make up that state (Kaduna). The good news that followed, the various reccommendations expressed over the appointment of Professor William Barnabas Qurix was attributed to his ability to have proved, he is an accomplished academic and unbiased who has no ethno-religious leaning in all his professional career.

He added,
“Coming into a saner Bingham University, he is more inclined to achieve greater results here. I read so much of the mess he would be inheriting but I can tell you that he is going to distinguish himself more than he did in a very divisive environment like Kaduna state.

The unprecedented development that the university (Kaduna) witnessed within a short period under his able leadership, he said.

Speaking of Emperor Samuel Kursim Leonard-Fwa, immediate former Vice Chancellor of the university, who was ingloriously sacked for the gross mismanagement of the University. According to him, because he operated “above the law” system. Whose infamous leadership set the institution back, but with the new Vice Chancellor, ” it would be expected of Rev. Jeremiah Gado, ECWA President, to learn to respect that the University has its own rules and regulations”, he said.

According to the reliable  source, the appointment of Prof Qurix followed due process unlike that of his predecessor, Prof Fwa, who despite coming ninth amongst interviewed, got appointed.
The new man is an accomplished Professor from Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria.

According to information from Varsity quarters, Qurix inherited many headaches and they believed that the way he handles each will spell him out.

They emphasised that he will be saddled to resolve the issue of the Registrar, the two Deputy Vice Chancellors and a six month salaries overhang, debts running to about N7billion amongst many others, including the appointment of the Director of Works, former Vice Chancellor’s cousin, who was employed without following the due process. The unscrupulous recruitments of management staff, whose recruitments never been advertised by tge former V.C but appointed and, his cousin Loacha Buba being imposed to be the Director of Works of the University.

Same goes for that of the University Bursar, Fwa, who was brought in by school mate of him without recourse to the rules got employed.

Specifically, over 100 appointments were made under him without recourse to due process and they may require being reviewed by Qurix.

According to a viable insider, he says, “among his many sins was professorship awards he dished out to many, without any form of external assessment or are they being considered by Appointments and Promotions Committee. For an example, he said was the issue of a Lecturer I, from Nasarawa State University Keffi whom he awarded Professorship.

“It is being expected of him to review all the professorship appointments sparing from2013 to 2017”, he said.


Pamela Ogwata.

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