This is the time for North Central Zone to be compensated- Bago


Rep Mohammed Umaru Bago

Rep. Mohammed Umaru Bago represents Chanchaga Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives who is vying for the post of speakership at the incoming 9th National Assembly spoke on Wednesday with the press at his Transcorp Hotel Secretariat office, Abuja.

The interview started with chairman of the Committee on Marine Safety and Education, Hon. Umaru Mohammed Bago, talking about why the North Central zone turn to produce the Speaker, asking for equity, fairness and justice to prevail and being the loyalist of the APC party and legistlator with vast experiences is right for the job

Exercept of the Interview;

Pressmen: What really inform your decision to contest for this position?

“In a nutshell, I am qualified and, I have all what it takes to be the Speaker and there are three major reasons-: The first reason is that I am qualified, I have the CV( Curriculum vitae) and, I have the capacity. I have spent eight years in the House of Representatives and I know very well that am qualified. 

Secondly, is the issue of equity. I Am from North Central and, we have six geo-political zones in Nigeria and, if you look at it the North West and South West have been equally compensated with President and Vice-President. We are left with four seats with four zones and the party has already zoned to the North East the Senate Presidency and, South-South Deputy Senate President, Now we are left only with two zones, North Central and South-East”. 

Assuming the party at the end of the day, ended up not zoning the position of Speaker to North Central, what will you do?

Pressmen: If the party didn’t zone it, what will you do, as journalist too?

“I am a loyal party man, if you have been following my antecedent you would have known that I started from TBO( The Buhari Organization) The Buhari Organization, we crystallized to CPC ( Congress For Progressive Change). Then from CPC I won my election into House of Representatives, from there we crystallized to APC( All Progress Congress) after the merger and I am still with the party. I am a ver loyal party man and I am not expecting my party that is built on Justice, Equity and Fairness to do otherwise. That’s why we are trying to tell the party to look at us, your children from North Central because we have contributed very well to the success of APC our party and we deserved to be compensated as others have been compensated.

Pressmen: Two or three other people that are contesting the same position with you, have declared their intentions officially, and you are yet to do so ?

“Declaration to run is just ceremonial but I believe in adage which says ‘ action  speaks louder than voice’ . Everyone knows that w e are fully-on ground. You can see our footprints everywhere. We are race ready.  We have declared both formal and informal and ver y real”. 

Pressmen: What are those changes, if elected you are going to bring on board and what have you learnt concerning the 8th Assembly legal tussles with the Executive?.

“The character of democracy thought very well and is very clear about separation of powers between each arm of government. It speaks about the interdependence  and independence of each arm of government. Interdependence is relativity between arm of government. So, they must relate with each other. But interdependence is that each arm of government must stand on its own and execute its own issues according to the doctrine of democracy. 

Now, when you have the legislature that are too agreeable with executive that’s not democratic. It is natural that concerned Nigerians should raised eyes, if the legislature and executive are in harmony, perpetually. Independent legislature  should able to know when to say no and when to say yes, and stand its ground.

So, if it’s too good, there must be yes or no between the arm of government that’s to show you on course that they know what they are doing, representing the Nigerian people, but if you don’t hear anything and nothing is happening, that means something is wrong. In media it is widely saying ‘no news is good news’. The relationship between the arms of government can be better and it is our intention to further better it.   That’s why my own very self, being a core Buharist and coming from the background of TBO and CPC for that surely, we will work very well if given the opportunity to serve. I am naturally a team player because I believe in life, if you play as a team, you won’t have much issues”.

Pressmen: Honourable, so many of your supporters, who might not be elected members and your member friends are waiting to hear from you, what’s your message for them? 

“Nigerians should keep praying for us as a country. We should not be tired and, also we should lend our voices into issue of equity, justice and fairness. Once we get these right, every other integral parts of this unity of Nigeria, Our federation is supposed to be according to our constitution. This constitutional matters which I am talking about, even the party constitution lays emphasis on issue of equity. We should understand, pray and talk to ourselves that we need entrenched unity by allowing equity and fairness to play in any thing we do in democratic dispensation. 

Pressmen: Honourable, what do you want to tell your fellow members concerning whom to vote?

” My message is that ‘let them vote for me’, he said 

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