Unbelievable: Angry Parents Beat Up Headmaster In Broad Daylight Over Poor Examination Result (Photos)

A school headmaster has been brutally beaten up by very angry parents over their wards’ poor examination results in a Kenyan community.

The headmaster was beaten up
Pictures have shown the moment a headmaster was beaten up by angry parents.
Identified as Yonah Oyugi, the headmaster of Uradi Primary School in Kisumu West, Kenya is now nursing serious injuries after the angry parents attacked him over poor examination result.
According to Kenyans Ke,  the incident took place during a crucial closed-door meeting with parents and the school officials.
The parents were said to have accused the school of posting poor results after the top student scored 238 out of 500 marks in the 2017 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education.
27 students sat for the exam but only four scored over 200, with the last candidate scoring 87 marks.
They also accused the head teacher of insulting them and their children, including claims that he had mismanaged funds meant for student development.

“Since he took over in 2010, the school’s performance has continually dropped. In last year’s exams, not even a single student scored the average 250 marks, with the majority scoring below 170 marks,” one of the parents said.
Following a disagreement, at the meeting, the angry parents got into a fight with the headmaster.
They attacked him with stones and chairs, leaving him with serious injuries.

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