Actress declares war on son

She is a veteran actress loved by many for the excellent ways of interpreting her roles in movies. She is more popular for acting as a wicked woman or terrible mother in-law. Her first name is the same with the wife of one of our former oga patapata.

The woman lost her husband a few years ago and since then, she had taken good care of her two sons and two daughters. The children are now doing well in their various fields.

But currently, things seem not to be going well in this woman’s household as Olofofos said she is in a serious fight with her first son over the woman he married.

The actress, Olofofos said, became angry with her son when he refused to listen to her when she complained about the arrogant attitude of the wife to her. This made the actress to insist that she would not have anything to do with both the son and the wife again.

Matters came to the head recently when the actress headed for court to stop her son from inheriting his father’s properties as is customary in that part of the country where she came from, saying only the second son and the daughters will inherit the properties.

For now, Olofofos said the elders and some influential members of her community have waded into the matter, appealing to both the son and his wife to make peace with the actress.

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