Benue State Government Set To Tackle Farmers Post Harvest Losses

The Benue state government in collaboration with experts in the agriculture sector in west and central Africa have vowed to tackle post-harvest losses which account for the alarming rate of food shortages in Nigeria.

The Conveners with some of the dignitaries at the event.

The group made the call in Abuja on Tuesday at a 5-day post-harvest congress and exhibition to meet food demands.

Speaking with the Director/ Centre Leader of the World Bank Centre of Excellence, Prof. Daniel Kparevfa Adedzwa, in an interview with the press at the venue

, he called on Nigerian farmers to come together to address post-harvest losses prevalent to each  region due to poor process and storage .

“We are inviting the farmers from all geographical zones in Nigeria to come so we can hear from each and find solutions to the problems”

He went further to emphasis that in as much as Benue state being regarded as the food basket of the nation, the farmers suffers the same storage loss like others, and that by coming together, ways out of the problem will be forged, and new strategies can be adopted to reduce losses they encounter in the value chain from production to harvest stage.

“It is imperative for Nigerian farmers to come and let’s discuss ways to preserve their produce. A way to prevent those post harvest losses starting from time of production to post harvest stage. That’s why this conference is important for them to attend,” he stated.

Pamela Ogwata reporting Abuja.


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