David Folaranmi Advises Students on On Drug Abuse.

Invited guests and students standing for National Anthem with the convener, David Folaranmi at forefront seat standing.

The President of David Folaranmi Foundation, David Folaranmi has urged Nigerian youths/Students not to attempt any use of hard drugs  because once you start that it would be difficult to come out.

He made the statement yesterday in Abuja where he organised an inaugural symposium for students of Government Secondary School, Wuse-Abuja, awareness and knowledge sharing forum to prevent drug use in schools.NDLEA Representative, Augustine Nduka

The symposium, which was an assemblage of serving and retired police chiefs, public health experts and other law enforcement agencies was organised by the David Folaranmi Foundation, themed: “The relevance of drug abuse awareness in schools”

Invited dignitaries and Students seated.

In his address, David Folaranmi, himself an ex- drug addict, noted that what motivated him to start the foundation was drawn from his experience during his hard drug taking traumatic periods, when he witnessed even school children are among those coming to take shots of drugs as he was doing, the helplessness of the situations, loss of lives made him made resolution that once out of the addiction, he would start foundation to on drug use prevention from schools.

The founder of the foundation, David Folaranmi being interviewed.

He advised the students that the only way out of it, is not to try it. He says, “The idea of starting this foundation was cultivated during my drug abuse years. When I saw the boys and girls from schools coming to consume the hard drugs too. I saw how hopeless and pathetic states they are as I was then, even one of the girls I later inquired, drowned at one of this Abuja pool.

“I told my self after withnessing all these back then, that once am out of this, I will do something for these young ones. This is what enforces me to start this foundation- to create awareness from young age, to create awareness on the ills of drug addictions among school students”.Group photo after the event.

He added, “Today being my birthday, a day after World drug day, i picked this my special day, to teach youths like you here, the ills the drug abuse and addictions can cause in someone’s life.

Presently, I have been able to reach through this foundation, 24 schools and over 3000 students, soon we will be launching a book delivery programs, which will be in two age bracket segements to teach the young ones like you, the ills of drug abuse in comprehensible languages you can understand. It will be hold in Nassarawa, FCT and Kaduna coming this september.”

“I am advising each one of you here, to understand that drug abuse is an issue surrounding us we have to always resist. Don’t be like that girl that died inside a pool in Abuja. Taking drug is like one chance bus, once you get in, you don’t come back and, I believe when leave here, try to educate others outside what you’ve learnt here”, he said.

In press interview, he posited that during his drug addiction era, he brought untold hardship to his family, friends, to people that loved him and that had led to his reawakening to do something about it, he believed that only way to do that was to cry out and seek for help.

” My message to people still in it, is to cry out and reach out to the organisation like ours’ NDLEA, police and religious organizations. I was frustrating everyone, stole just to have a fix, lied, cheat, sold what I have, you lied to people to get money, borrowed and even took overdrafts because in drug addiction, once the drug calls you must answer the the voice. Better not starting it at all”, he said.

Similarly, the mother of the Convener, Mrs. Folaranmi narrated his ordeals during his son drug addiction in a press chat. She says, it is a long story. Throughout those days, I knew my son was not like that. He went to all Christians schools, Convenant university, travelled abroad, he didn’t do drugs. He came back and that was it”

According to her, the Convener, David Folaranmi was introduced into drugs when he had a headache and a friend of his gave him the “drug” to take for his headache and there all got started, “the rest is a history”

She went further to advise the parents whom their children are into drugs not to give up on them, and have trust in God.

In his own presentation, a speaker, Nduka Augustine who represented NDLEA FCT Commander Mrs Chinyere Obijuru at the event said that drug and substance abuse is a challenge facing the world today, not only Nigeria and that it should be what every girl/ boy should be aware of, that the power of addiction always empowers the users conviction to stop. That if they start it, not only it will affect their brains but prevent them from storing or recalling anything.

He went further to emphasize that there are treatment options for those already in it.

” There are treatments if you have someone in it. There are habitation and residents for them. Addiction is not a medical assisted sickness but through vocational habitation you will be able to lose wills to do drugs avaliable”.

Dr. Ogunbiyi, a renown life coach on drug use awareness while addressing the students too, said that drug abuse are everywhere even within the medical profession that he was once tempted but was able to resist even tasting it for once, and advised the students to shun bad friends who might introduced them into it.
” I am 73 years and I have been into this fight for 47years. Abuse of drugs started way back 1961, then I was in secondary school a friend of mine took me to where they are selling Indian hemp and asked me to taste it, I asked him if he wants to destroy my life. I rejected it”.

“Your future is in your hands, to remain focus and concur you should resist destroying it. Be careful of friends you make and make sure you are best of what God wants you to be. Make maximum use of 24 hrs a day, God gives you and God will take you, where you want to go, trust in him”, he stated.

Popular personalities that presented respective papers on the subject include Assistant Corps Commander, AS Adeniyi, Lilian Ezike, Raphael Atang, a known life coach and Inspirational Speaker among others.

Vote of thanks given by the wife of the Convener, Mrs. Temi Nnenna Folaranmi.

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