Eid El Kabir Message- Senator Dr. Adamu urges Nigeria leaders to give attention to agriculture

Alhaji Abdullahi Adamu, former Executive Governor of Nasarawa State and Senator representing Nassarrawa North Central Nigeria at the 9th National Assembly made this call while delivering his Sallah message to the nation yesterday, he said that leaders should ensure that agriculture is given deserved attention in Nigeria.

Senator Dr. Abdullahi Adamu

Sarkin Yakin of Keffi, first Executive governor of the state, Alhaji Dr. Adamu went further to stress that food and security are fundamentals of good governance and that every leader has a duty to preserve lives and property of the people being governed, and can only achieved that by making sure there are enough food supply for his people. He admonished them to channel their efforts and resources into that sector, since it had the tendency of salvaging the nation’s from its woes.

He says,  “Agriculture should be given deserved attention. Food and security are the fundamentals of good governance so every leader has a duty to preserve lives and property, and you can’t preserve lives in empty stomaches”

Senator Adamu, who owns one of the largest farm in Nigeria advocates for Nigeria to position itself to the level it would be able to produce more they can consume, sell and even export.

“We should be able to produce all that we need for ourselves, to produce enough to feed ourselves, sell and even export to others. We need to pay attention to agricultural sector to attain food security status”, Sarkin Yakin of Keffi said.

Pamela Ogwata reports.

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