Popular Plus-Size Model, Jennifer Enujiugha Talks About Her S*x Appeal

A Nigerian model of South-eastern descent has made interesting revelations about her modeling career as well as how men see physically endowed ladies.

Jennifer Enujiugha
When you meet Jennifer Enujiugha, what you notice about her isn’t just her intimidating physique, but also her confidence.
The Anambra State born graduate of Crop Production is a plus size model , TV Presenter and choreographer. Fondly called Jennyzest by her fans, the bubbly curvy damsel talks about her passion for modeling, body-shaming and lot’s more in this interview with TheNewsGuru.
What words best describe you?
I am confident, disciplined, simple yet sophisticated
Tell us about your journey into modeling and entertainment at large?
I started entertainment as a choreographer. Before I started modeling
What were the challenges you encountered starting out?
Well, being a plus size model was an issue for most clients and agencies. Everyone wanted me to lose weight so I could fit it
So how were you able to convince them?
I didn’t, I decided not to lose weight but to accept my size and become a plus-size model
How were you able to overcome the body shaming that comes with being plus- size?
I told myself that what people would want to get surgically, I have in abundance so the shaming is just to make themselves feel good

When you look into the mirror, what do you see?
I see a bold and confident young lady that is making a difference in her own small way.
How old were you when you got your first modeling job?
I was 20 years old then
Do you think men are drawn to plus size women?
Men are drawn to plus size women because they are endowed.
How does it make you feel?
This makes me thankful to God for creating me this way.
How about when men just see you as a s*x object. How does it make you feel?
It makes me terrible. I don’t like being seen as a s*x object.

Have you ever had to confront anyone of them?
I make them see that there is more to my personality than that.
What is the best part of being a plus size model?
The best part is that I am able to explore myself and I have no limits. The bitter part is the absence of proper recognition

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