Primate Okoh’s 2017 Easter message to Nigerians and All church of God: Look forward and be Steadfast in Faith.

Most Rt. Rev. Nicholas Okoh.

The Primate of the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, Most Rt. Rev. Nicholas Okoh, on his 2017 easter message, has charged all the Church of God in Nigeria to be steadfast in faith despite persecutions, challenges and intimidation, to move forward in faith and perseverance as well foster forgiving spirit and doggedness as Easter is time when flesh reigns over power of all evils.

Christians all over the world marked Easter as a time God brought new life into the world : Jesus rose to new life out of the darkest place, the tomb of death. The time God gives hope and new life for all.

Easter comes after the forty days Lenten observance which includes Holy Week, period of fasting, contrition and penance. A time of reign of flesh over all evils.

Archbishop of Abuja Province and Primate of the Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion, Okoh, used this period; significance of death and resurrection Jesus Christ, to call up Nigeria leaders to wake and rise up to their responsibilities, to ensure protection of lives and property of the masses by maintaining sort of pensive neutrality and non- sectarianism among all faiths who voted them in, as is the responsibility owe to electorates.

“Christians are among people who voted the leaders to be in power. when you voted, you have entered into an agreement with the politicians. It is the responsibility of whoever is in government to ensure that people lives and property are protected because if you considered a situation where everyone has its own special group, each fighting the other, the society will be destroyed”, He says.

Most Rt. Rev. Nicholas Okoh, goes on to encourage the downtrodden and frustrated -suicide prone individuals, to have faith in God as He will surely gives them victory at end of the day.

“As christians there is a need for doggedness, we should be able to move ahead in spite of difficulties because, as we believe, Jesus Christ will give us victory at the end. Some people are committing
Suicides nowadays and my advice is, as God lives, there is miracle coming on the way. Even if is tough today, it might be simplified tomorrow, they should look forward and faith” .

The church leader on his prayer and good will message, urged Nigerians to be courageous and have hope in their situation.

” My Easter message to the whole country is that, we should be strong and move forward in spite of the recession, in spite of challenges of unemployment, in spite of challenges of one type or the other. We should look forward and believe that our country will be better tomorrow as we have many reasons to look forward with hope.

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