Senator Abbo Scandal A Case of “Politics by Other Means Syndrome”

Senator Elisha Abbo victim of politics by all means sydrome.

Ongoing scandal against Nige ria se rving Senator, can be mostly described as an old game of “politics by all means sydrome” in political world, historically used by political players who lost electoral office to undermine the character of ones who electorically removed them to see if they can score a win to come back.

It always has a political motive, to excavate actions that happened before ones came into politics, Senator Elisha Abbo being a freshman makes it more peculiar and likely.

This is the reason after he publicly apologized, that didn’t stop federal agents invited him in search of evidence for a possibly much larger scandal.

But, at least historically speaking, even the biggest scandals don’t just wash away loyalty of supporters once they understand what is all about, as happening in Senator Abbo’s case. Adamawa North district has since declared unwavering supports for him on this.

The key to understanding how this works is to study that most political scandals, sooner or later, are transformed into legal dramas. As legal dramas, scandals become understood in non-partisan terms and the way in which they are resolved can have decisive political impacts, but those in charge of resolving them are mostly  the “neutral” prosecutors, judges, and bureaucrats who make up the permanent (and unelected) government, not the people’s elected representatives as is happening now.

But to resort to scandal in this way is thus a tacit admission that the scandalmongers no longer has hope to win back either electorally or by judicial tribunals, so to paraphrase Senator Cliff Ishaku Abbo scandal provides the occasion for Nigerians  to understand what politics by other means is, and for the rest of us observing the unfolding political induced legal dramas, must take time to study politics of mudslinging and relate it to whats happening to this young Senator now, forgetting not to take into account all of the interests of those involved.

The problem is that these interests are rarely revealed—which is precisely why it is so tempting for partisans, particularly if they are at a political disadvantage, to resort to scandal to attack their opponents.

Many great scandals arise not as a means of exposing corruption or bad attitudes , but as a means of attacking political foes while obscuring the political differences that are at issue.

In such circumstances, scandal provides a way for defenders of the status quo to undermine the legitimacy of those who have been elected on a platform of challenging the status quo—diluting, as a consequence, the authority of the electorate.

This is especially likely to occur in the aftermath of elections that threaten the authority of an established order. He was being invited by IG police, Nigerians should watch on as political abuse of the scandals unfolds

What’s happening today in the case of Nigeria political can be described as an attempt to win by other means: The use and abuse of scandal by unseen opponent/opponents and Senator  Elisha Abbor a freshman is a  victim now. He lost his temper for five minutes, so must be crucified, written only at the handbook of his uncovered political foes.

But this will never be much for a man who described himself as thick as hippopotamus joints made of springs, bones made of Iron and brain that work faster than laptop.

He is such that can never in normal circumstance behaves such, if not pushed to a wall.  But who is ready to hear him, only because it involves a lady being beaten.

For those who is still in question of who he is; Senator Elisha Ishaku Cliff Abbo is just 41 years old among the old bags at the National Senate Assembly, the youngest Senator representing the Adamawa North senatorial district on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

This is a detribalised Nigerian,
married to an Igbo woman but later remarried after her demise, to his beautiful wife, Emily Eric Abbo and they are happily married with children.

She has categorically, came out to defend his husband, that what she saw is not the husband she is married to, she even defended him that something uncalled for must have triggered that rage, very unlike of him.

“I stand with you banana and we will always stand for truth. My husband is innocent of what people are saying against him”, she said.

Those who know him closely described  Senator Abbo as an’ incorrigible optimist, fearless, visionary, a generational blessing, intelligent and compassionate individual, A “Face Of The Youth in the Nigeria politics of today.

An insider described also described him as “a political freshman with gigantic pedigree as straight to a fault and as plain as one’s palms”.

His actions and inactions so far have clearly shown that he is independent-minded young being who just lost it for few minutes but has recovered and has been forgiven but his political opponents refused to let go, too bad against a man known for his remorsefulness, always apologise when he misstep to an extent visited former President Goodluck Jonathan recently,  to apologize for criticizing him

Senator Abbo is an early achiever not career politicians we are cursed with today. He is a Managing Director and CEO of Saice & Wright Group, Abuja, a multinational political consultancy firm.

A former Senior Special Assistant to Governor Murtala Nyako and former Executive Secretary of the Adamawa State Sports & Youths Council.

However, nearly every political administration has potential scandal lying just below the surface. There are always those in government who seek to profit privately from public service, and there are always those who will abuse their power. All governments provide the occasion for scoundrels of both kinds.

But the scandals they precipitate rarely erupt into full-blown crises of the political order. What differentiates the scandals that do? excavating what happened before probably, when he is either in his twenty or thirties is one of it . And why did it come out after he won a highly contested senatorial election?

Politically, to discredit what he stands for inbetween Nigeria youths and old recycled politicians who refuse to give way for the younger generation, they might have seen him as intruder.

This a new comer, a freshman
who by wide margin defeated the only female senator from the north Binta  Masi with 79, 337votes, against Binta Masi Garba 16,219 despite her  incumbency status and has already done what others never did within this shortest time, he assumed office.

He had already made consultation about the security situations in his district and had meeting with the association of North East and Northern Cameroun to forge way to create a supporting force.

He made a promise to help create new Adamawa state which will be a safe heaven for investment and development and is doing that right now so Adamawa North district stands against this ploy, this unwarranted further distractions.

By mere fact of promising to use his legistlative power to bring the executive bureaucracy militating in securities with his district, he already has posed a danger to the political establishment there,  after his landslide election as one can see in response, the establishment is striking  back. Here the video scandal comes in.

But what they failed to understand is that Nigerians have moved on quite some distance from the sense that personal issues, issues relating to someone’s private marriage, private dealings, and private life, necessarily affect someone’s ability to do ones electoral jobs inasmuch  the media and politicians “have become much more hostile to each other, and much more ready to try to attack one another using social media as a field forgetting that right now that Nigeria public is more interested on uncharged corruption cases going on than personal lives of whosever politician.

With all said and done, political supporters and party loyalists are sticking very strong behind Abbo right now, till the end because they understood all is just, “a game of politics by all means”.

-Amechi Ogwata

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